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Sorry if your favourite story never gets updated, I just start a story, then get an idea for a new one and start the new one, and the old ones never get worked on. It just depends what mood I'm in usually.

Feel free to browse everywhere, there's stuff to look at everywhere =) if you get lost, go to the Lost page and it'll confuse you even more. >:)

Oh yeah and I got rid of those little cute animals. They didn't work and I can't be bothered attempting HTML.

Um... Can I call this a remodel? Yesh, this is now some kind of demented remodel so :P. Version 3! Mr. Happy Blue Sunset!

Happy browsing/reading,

A'Laena sar,


By the way, the stories aren't on the old stories page anymore. Only certain people with the addie to the stories can get to them now.

Btw- tell me what you think of my loverly Mr. Happy Blue Sunset remodel (lol), cos the next one is stars or pebbles, lol. I've been gaining a great collection in the last hour or so, lol.



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