Ok I'm gonna get these facts over and done with quickly, lucky you. Once i find one of those quiz things I'll put it here instead but for now I'm just gonna make up questions.
Name: Em Bisset
Age: 16
Place of Living: Australia (near Melbourne)
Known Languages: English, French
Likes: French, all my friends, Night Walking (And doing other random things like that), My puppy and my puddy (catcat), story writing, singing and writing songs, playing the piano, riding the horse... chocolate, cherries, pasta, the colour blue, role playing. (especially at Elendor.net will link later). All that stuff.
Dislikes: German (not Germans; but the language messed with my head while I was there. Ugh), the fact that I have asthma, not being able to go out with Tim (cry me a river), people who say "soz", getting writer's block, going to record the next morning only to wake up with a sore throat and blocked nose. I also dislike my Dad's partners Grandkids.
Like: Gee, lets see.. there's a lot listed down the bottom, but flicking through my cd case now (and my cd case is a very personal matter, I never let anyone in... people are like: Can I see what cds you have? and I'm like: NO! And they don't understand...)
-Machine Gun Fellatio
-Incubus (Morning View)
-The Corrs
-Natalie Imbruglia
- Jewel
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
- Norah Jones
- Radio Head

So there you go.. I'm really into mellowed out music just night... plus i like a lot of world music and.. other stuff, oh, that Evanessence song is pretty cool.. ;)

I can't think of anything more for now, I will later.

--I'm currently building up a collection (unpurposefully) of notebooks. My planning for these silly looking stories has been getting so long that I bought a whole notebook just to house the planning. It's crazy, really.

--I can only ever write fantasy, and among my collection of "writing music" (in the black cd case, NOT the purple one) is: Lord of the Rings soundtrack- currently playing, Dead Can Dance- Spirit Chaser (Great for those desert books), Any other Dead Can Dances, Delirium ... something else... are all good for those desert ones... Gladiator for the war scenes/end of war scenes, LOTR also for war scenes, counsels, travelling, anything fast and loud- Gladiator falls under this too... Deep forest for RPing Tinyn, Celtic Odessey for travelling, Nicholas Gunn's Afternoon in Sedonna for times when I don't know what else fits the mood, My own compliation cd, entitled: "Em's Banquet Mix" for the obvious reason that it's intended to be played while I write banquet or party scenes, and consists mainly of irish dance-type stuff.

-- Non writing music can include Natalie Imbruglia, Jewel, Tori Amos, De Palmas (they're French) Some of the stuff from the above section... Yeah.

-- Um, I used to write only about Elves but I'm kinda into humans now since I created Llyna for RP at Elendor. While I was there, I dunno- I had an Elf char, but Llyna has so much more fun and it just seems more relaxed. In my stories, Elves were kinda annoying me cos they're too invincible and too perfect, so now I'm doing Elf-like humans. Hehe

I only just realised I didn't have a pic of me up here so, there you go. I'm the one with the black coat. This is the newest one I could find so it'll do. The girl next to me is Celia and she's so funky cool- I met her in France.... *wants to go back and see everyoneeeeeeeeee*

Oh! I just remembered. Everyone else is doing it, and so i picked out the best ones, so here's some Googilisms. (um) (don't ask) I've put stars next to the really bizzare ones. o.O
em is waiting for justice
em is an exciting
em is much improved
em is no more
em is gonna sue me for copyright enfringement
em is a village in israel
em is not enough
em is an exciting game for all the family
em is prohibited
em is here
em is very intense
em is simply the best
em is used in over 80 countries in all continents and is made in over 40 countries
em is the "i/me" thought
em is available free of charge
**em is a mixture of various types of useful microbes which cannot be directly seen with the naked eyes
**em is not a pesticide and thus does not contain chemicals that could be construed as such
em is useful in growing nursery crops
em is off the hook
em is just a fancy term for recruitment
**em is an emu launcher** (What the monkey is an emu launcher?????)
em is a racing game
em is disinterested in the welfare of other people except as the welfare of those others may indirectly effect the em herself

emily is very sneaky
emily is born
emily is always desperate
emily is making me ill
emily is cool
emily is everything
**emily is better than martha stewart (go me)
emily is silly
emily is doing fine
emily is awesome
emily is the coolest
emily is full of fun
**emily is an 8" bunny dressed in a sailor suit (ummm)
emily is to fall in love with her
emily is the empathic listener
emily is quite advanced for her age
emily is very rarely seen sitting still to a whole song
emily is a bitch
emily is such a cutie
emily is also crazy about sweden
emily is a dreamer?a romantic young girl who sees spirits dancing on windswept beaches?who gazes at the night sky and imagines worlds hidden among the
emily is still in australia (unfortunatly)

And also here's some anagrams for my name.
messily be it
slimy be ties
misty be lies
eyes bit slim
bye smiles it
bye tims lies (omigod)
sly be me it is
my best lie is

So there you go. I'm not very interesting am I?