Scarborough Fair Gerbils
Scarborough Fair Gerbils is a small, newly established gerbil clan/rescue operation that currently consists of eleven Mongolian gerbils.

Mongolian gerbils are small rodents with big personalities.  They make excellent pocket pets and are better mannered than hamsters and cleaner than mice.

Scarborough Fair Gerbils is located just outside of Tallahassee Florida.

The first gerbils to join the Scarborough Fair showed up in January of 2003.  The first litter arrived in April 2005.  Scarborough Fair Gerbils became a member of the American Gerbil Society in May 2005.

Initially breeding wasn't  the plan but circumstance and nature took its course.  There are no plans to continue breeding past the current litter but rescues will likely become the focus along with possible breeding depending on demand.
One of the founding fathers:
Sequester (Argente Golden)
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