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Places to get programs, ect.

Winzip: Everyone needs this program to do anything nowadays. Don't forget to get newer versions, the design (in terms of graphics) has been improved.
Winamp: This is a cool mp3 player for Windows 95. This is better than Winplay 3 because the playlists are easier to create. Also, it has a nice design (you can change it w/ plugins! ::evil laughter:: I like this one the most now.
Maplay: This mpeg player's fairly good. I used to use this a lot before the discovery of WinAmp skins. ^_^ This site has everything that's remotely Windows-related, etc. It also has a lot of programs, shareware, etc. for just about everything. This site has everything you need to know about mp3s- what they are, players, Winamp plugins & skins, song samples, links. Need shareware/freeware programs? Go here to test some out.

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Movies and Episodes?

I have a bunch, but if I can barely fit mp3's on my account, then how can I fit video clips? If I have the time, I'll try to upload my clips to Streamload (the ones I have are mostly in *.avi or *.qt format). Although, FYI, if you want the full Stars episodes, I can also Streambeam those to you, if you e-mail me & give me your Steamload account name! They're RealPlayer files, so you'll need to have that installed to view them. ( is where you can get the program, although most people have it installed already, although it's a free download, so...) (Just FYI: they're about 15 MB for half an episode, so you'll actually need to subscribe to Streamload (ie, pay) to download them. And no, I can not e-mail them to you- my internet connection will get shut off for a week if I do too much uploading/downloading, so sorry about that! All I can say is that getting a real Streamload account has been one of the best things I've ever done so far, so it's well worth it, IMHO.) And if you want more information about it- well, go to Streamload and ask them, they're better at explaining than I am!

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WinAmp Skins

10/5/01: Moved these skins to a new page and added some more (and better ones). Please go to the new page to see/download them! Arigato!

Anime Winamp Skin Links

12/05/01: Early Christmas present for some of you- I re-organized my stuff and re-uploaded the Starlights' songs to another account. See below! I'll work on the rest later, since I'm probably going to blow my dorm internet traffic limit pretty soon. I'm also going to (try) putting up bits and pieces from other series, since I know Sailormoon music isn't THAT hard to find... at least, I hope not... ^^;; Plus, I really want to expland the other parts of my site, instead of only focusing on my Starlights shrine! ^_~

Multimedia Links

A little side comment: I was going through these links and noticed that my list of links are getting... rather small... it's rather depressing. My own page might not even be up here for long! Now that's a scary thought... Anyway...

The Compleat Sailor Moon CD List
Probably the best place to get Sailor Moon mp3's! ^_^ (also a GREAT place to order SonMay / Ever Anime CD's from... (meaning cheaper anime CD's)- see here for the CD Shoppe!
My favorite mp3 program/site! If you can't get your music from sites, go here. Like Napster but better, in my opinion. Also, if you go to "search groups" and type in the group name "Starlights", (and then join) people can send each other Starlights music! (myself included) ^_~
The Anime mp3 Exchange
Great page for CD listings and reviews, as well as requesting mp3's.
Sizer's Abbetoir
A great page for manga translations, scans, and some of the best music of all kinds!
Best Anime
A nice site where you can find movie clips, sound clips, & images of all sorts of series-es-es.
Musical Cloud
Your source of a huge collection of Anime and Gaming Mp3s and Midis!
Share/store/trade mp3's, movie files, and images here! It's free for a basic account, but there's a small fee for more bandwidth (ie, if you're downloading a lot of things!).

Lyrics Links
A great site to find anime/J-pop lyrics of all kinds! (this is where Sailor Bacon's site merged into... ;_; I'll miss that page!)
Lyric Moon
An excellent site for Sailormoon lyrics!
Starlight Pops ~ Stage On!
A great Starlights shrine that also has the lyrics & translations to the Starlights' songs, prologues/monologues, and poems! (It also has a lot of Starlights info, and I think it's a wonderful site!)
Looking to buy CD's? Go to my links page for stores!

Anime mp3 files

If you want to get a song but can't download it from here: My advice is to use Audiogalaxy- I know I tend to leave mine on, or you can always join the Starlights group on Audiogalaxy, so you can download songs from me. (But really, if *everyone* shared their songs, it would go so much easier... we could all be happy...) I don't have any e-mail accounts that will let me send anything over 2 MB, even though normally I'd be glad to. I will, however, streambeam anything to you if you have a StreamLoad account- it's free if you can deal with downloading 10 MB/week (or so... you can always pay to do more ^^;;) But I'll still do more with Audiogalaxy, so use that instead if possible... onegaishimasu? (please?)

*Please* do not link these files or this page directly. If you want to link this page at all, link my main page here or see here for details about how to link my banner. Oh yeah, if you could *try* to only download one song (from each of the different pages) a day, I'd appreciate it, but if not... well, I tried... Thanks!

Other anime songs I have littered around my site:
(These are explained in greater detail there)

Starlights Music

Ginga Isshinbun Na Kata Omoi (A Galaxy of Difference; One Sided Love)
Seiya's image song.
Seiya's Prologue
This comes from the Seiya single- I really love this one! For a translation, see this site.
Mayou Naka Hitori (Alone at Midnight)
Yaten's image song.
Yaten's Prologue
A short monologue by Yaten, from the Yaten single. I like the way Yaten-kun complains about everyone here ^^;; For a translation, see this site.
Chikara wo Awasete (Combining Strength)
Taiki's image song.
Taiki's Prologue
Another short monologue, from the Taiki single... For a translation, see this site.
Nagareboshi He (Shooting Star)
The Three Lights' trademark song... pretty much the ONLY song they sing, but at least it's a very good song!
Todokanu Omoi (My Friend's Love)
Another Three Lights' song. For some reason it keeps getting stuck in my head for a while.
Boku-Tachi no Uta wo Kita (Todokanu Omoi mix)
This is Todokanu Omoi played in ep. 180, where Michiru plays the violin with the Three Lights! It's an instrumental version, and slightly different than usual. Also, I found this mp3 with the name "Boku-tachi no Uta wo kita" ("Our Northern Song"? -my vague translation) but it sounds like Todokanu Omoi, so I don't know what it's really called.
Sailor Star Song (Sailormoon Stars Opening)
The opening to the Stars series. A great song!
Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto (Sailormoon Stars Ending)
The ending to the Stars series- not one of my favorites, but it belongs here!
Moonlight Densetsu (Moon Lips Version)
The final ending theme music for Stars (ep. 200). I like this version more than the usual theme! (It's different then what was played in previous seasons)
Starlights Transformation Music
The theme music played when the Starlights transform. ^_^
Starlights Introduction Music
The theme music played when the Starlights appear/introduce themselves, including the snapping fingers.... ((^_^ I love this music!))
Seiya, Taiki, Yaten
The music played when these three are around. It's divided into three parts, and I'm pretty sure that it's the theme for each of them, in that order (although I'd have to double-check that!).
Starlights Preview Music
The 17-second theme music played during an episode preview.
Kakyuuouhi To Three Lights
A song from the 5th musical, Eien Densetsu... not bad, although before I found out it was from the musical, I was quite confused ^^;; It's somewhat sad at times, but beautiful!

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Disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and all its characters were created by Naoko Takeuchi, not myself. I don't own any of the characters, artwork, music, etc.- the only thing I *do* own are these pages and the clothes on my back. BTW, please support the companies that own them by buying the CD's (and not SonMay or Ever Anime!) (I know, those originals take a big chunk out of my allowance, so I only support the ones I *really* like...) So please don't sue me. Link to me instead. ^_^