In 1909, Gandhi sailed for England because he felt that resentful people and sensitive administrators in one part of an empire over-whelmingly colored could help solve the problem of color discrimination in South Africa.

Gandhi won the support of many liberals and enlightened imperialists in England. Though his trip yielded no immediate concrete results, he succeeded in making the South African Indian question a major imperial headache. Therein lay the seed of ultimate triumph.

After umpteen attempts and efforts, Gandhi won a happy victory. By the terms of the settlement, the three-pound tax on the former indentured Indians laborers was annulled and arrears cancelled; Hindu, Moslems, and Parsi marriages were declared valid; Indians born in South Africa could enter the Cape Colony, but the free movement between Union provinces was otherwise prohibited; indentured contract labor would cease arriving India in 1920; free Indians, however, could continue to enter, and wives could come from India to join their husbands.

In 1913, Gandhi led 2,500 Indians in defiance of a law, ending up violently arrested. He refused to pay a fine, ended up in jail, leading to his supporters carrying out a demonstration whereby 2 were killed and 20 injured.



In 1914, Gandhi returned to India at the age of 45. He attracted lots of attention from the people by conducting a fast - the first of 14 that he will stage as political demonstrations that will kickoff the idea of a political fast.

In 1919, Gandhi emerged as the National Leader of India.

Then in 1930, Gandhi led the Salt March to the Gujarat Coast of the Arabian Sea and the Indians produced salt by evaporation of seawater in violation of the law in defiance against the British monopoly of salt production and the implementation of taxes on salt.


In 1947, India gained its independence and most of the credit went to Gandhi, the great politician and leader of India. However, Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godsey, a fanatic Hindu, in 1948, resulting in the death of a great politician and leader.



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