Rose DeWitt Bukater

Name: Rose DeWitt Bukater
Age: 17
Hair Color: Red curls
Eye Color: Blue-green
Height: c. 5'5"
Weight: 125 pounds
Nationality: American
Occupation: free-willed fiancee, wants to be an actress
Place of Residence: Philadephia, Pennsylvania (America)
Travelling Companions: Ruth DeWitt Bukater (mother), Cal Hockley (fiance), Trudy Bolt (maid)
Class: First
Background: Rose was raised to be a "good little" Edwardian girl, trained to be a society matron. But she was always rebellious, and prefered climbing trees to walking with a book on her head. Her father, whom she was very close to, died when she was 10. In a way she has never gotten over it.
Why She's On Titanic: After a whirlwind engagement spending party in France, England and Italy, Rose is returning to Philadelphia to be married to the handsome and wealthy Caledon Hockley. Rose did love him once, but he has changed recently, or she sees more of who he really is. She is torn between the comfort of the first class life she knows, and the "poor but free" life she dreams of. 1