* We Tried to re-enact the sinking of Titanic with angels, to the Titanic song Hymn to the sea
( we made total fools of ourselves)

* My friend bought some fish and called them Jack and Rose. Unfortunately Jack froze to death on a freezing cold day

* I have posters of Titanic all over my room

* I have 794 pictures of Titanic on my computer, and over 117 sounds and movie clips

* Almost everything I hear sounds like a line from Titanic

* My friend refuses to go swimming,
( I am not sure why )

* we cover our school books with Leo and Titanic

* try to fly on a rivercat
(my sister and her friend, but they were unsucessful)

* try to stand on our toes like Rose in the steerage scene
(my friends and I at dancing, we actually managed to do it)

* Have both Titanic CD's.

* Have the Titanic book.

Interesting Information

* In Sydney, at Blues Point, there is a Thai restaurant called Thai Tanic. There is a picture of a sinking ship on the sign

Dedicated to my friend Chantal - also Titanic lover, the inspiration came from her.

If anyone has something they have done for Titanic, e-mail me

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