The Real Joseph Dawson The Real Joseph Dawson

Recently in the Sunday paper, there was an article about the real Joseph Dawson. The movie Titanic is an echo of the real life story of Joseph Dawson.

Joseph was a crewman on Titanic and is buried with the other victims of the Titanic disaster in Halifax, Novia Scottia. He was a 23year old seaman who worked below decks on Titanic. he signed up on Titanic as he hoped for a better life. He was employed in the engine rooms as a trimmer shifting coal from the bunkers to the furnace.

His family was torn apart because he was devoted to a woman they disagreed with. Their love was forbidden as he was Catholic and she was protestant.

Joseph Dawson drowned in the freezing waters like Jack Dawson. Joseph's wife wasn't on the Titanic and was heartbroken like Rose when she heard of his death.

Joseph's family have been trying to find information about him, but do not know much about his wife. To 64 year old grandmother Cecilia Whelligan from West Kirby in Brittain, Leo played her Uncle in the movie Titanic. She had never seen the movie and only heard about the resemblence of the names on a local radio station.

Joseph dawson is very similar to Jack Dawson from the movie Titanic, as they both left behind devestated lovers, had the same death in freezing waters, hoped for a better life aboard the Titanic, had forbidden love and were both lower class.

Soon I will put up the picture of Joseph Dawson from the newspaper, I just have to get it scanned.

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