Some things you may not have noticed in Titanic:

These two following things are submitted by Allana. Thanks.

After Jack gets taken to the master-at-arms, and Rose is at the Grand Staircase with Ruth and Cal, she sees Mr. Andrews. She confronts him by saying, "I saw the iceberg and I see it in your eyes. Please tell me the truth." During this scene, keep your eyes on the dome that caps off the staircase; you can barely see it, but the sun is obviously shining through the glass dome. The ship hit the iceberg around 10:00pm.

When Mr. Andrews is taking Ruth, Cal, and Rose on a tour of the ship, after he says, "You miss nothing, do you Rose..." Keep an eye on the upper right hand corner. You'll see a pretty big chunk of land.

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Remember when young Rose was singing on the piece of drift wood and the camera focus' on the star-filled sky. In there you can see a very big image of the Heart of the Ocean necklace. A few stars form the heart, and others form the chain. Take a look at it why don't you?

After dinner Jack passes Molly a pen.It is what he used to write Rose the note

But... when Jack passes the note to Rose it is yellow, when she opens it it is cream!

Jack borrows paper from Cal. While Cal is saying
"Politics and stuff, it wouldn't interest you anyway."
he puts the paper back in his coat pocket.

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