These are some of the sounds I have collected. Take your time to listen to the mysteries of Titanic.

To making it count

Fabrizio: Ahh, you'd like have angels fly out of your arse then get next to the likes of her

Dance music


Lookout:Is there anyone there?
On bridge: Yes
Lookout: Iceberg right ahead

Bodine:They never found anything on Jack, there was no record of him at all
Old Rose:No there wouldn't be would there? And I've never spoken of him until now. Not to anyone, not even your grandfather. A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets

Rose: Goodbye mother
Ruth: Rose... Rose come back here right now
Cal: Where are you going? him... what?... to be a whore to a gutter? rat
Rose: I'd rather be his whore than your wife

Steerage music

More steerage music

UnderstandRose: What?...I can't understand you

Spitting scene
Jack: Watch closely...(spitting noises)
Rose: oh that's disgusting
Jack: Alright your turn...(Rose spits) That was pitiful. You've really got to hock it back, you know, get some leverage to it. Use your arms. Arc your neck.(he spits, Rose tries to gather some spit)Did you see the range on that thing?
Rose: Mmmm hmmm.(Rose spits again)
Jack: Oh that was better, you've got to work on it. Really try to hock it up, and get some body to it. You know you got to... (grunting noises)

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