My Story, The Titanic Does Lives On... My Story, The Titanic Does Lives On...
This is a story I have been writing over the past few weeks. I will try and update it weekly. I hope you enjoy it. Please e-mail me or sign my guestbook and tell me what you think. I appreciate criticism.

My Titanic, the story after Soaked from head to toe, she calmly walked off the Carpathia. She was a new person - Rose Dawson. To her it sounded right, like a key fitting a lock. That was where Jack was, locked deep within her memory. She missed him so badly. Her heart yearned for his voice, his touch and his love. Rose promised herself that she would never go back to the life she once had. His death would not be a waste.

Around her people scrambled to get back on land, to escape the horrible nightmares of Titanic. Their lives would never be the same. A familiar face stood out in the crowd, Molly Brown. Rose hadn't been spotted, yet. Pulling the blanket around her pale face, she pushed forward. She had to get away.

The night air blew softly around her face. No where to go, Rose wandered aimlessly around the streets of New York. For the second time in her life, Rose felt free. She could go anywhere she wanted, do anything she dreamed, and more importantly, be herself. Collapsing into a crowded bar, all eyes turned to her. Before she could say a word, she was placed at a table near a roaring fire with luscious food before her starving eyes.
"Who?…."Rose stuttered.
"Miss Rose? Could it be??" the lady quietly asked. "Rose Duewhittbuekator?"
"No!" Rose firmly stated." Rose Duwhittbuekator died on the Titanic."
"Then who are you? I could swear you are her."
"It makes no difference who I am. But I assure you, Rose Duewhittbuekator is dead."
"Whatever you say miss. Well I am Trudy," the lady said as she poured Rose a nice hot cup of tea.

Rose stood up with a start. It was Trudy, her maid from Titanic. In those few days she was one of the only ones who seemed to realise what was happening to Rose, and try to comfort her. Rose quickly pulled Trudy into a corner.
" Trudy?" Rose's eyes filled with tears." Oh Trudy, I missed you." Rose became overcome with tears of joy. They embraced quietly in the shadows.
" It is you miss. But…"Trudy asked.
" Rose Duwhittbuekator died on the Titanic. I am Rose Dawson ." Rose explained.
" Oh, I understand now miss. But your mother, she is ecstatic. She is in panic. She truly loved you. On Carpathia she was asking every second person if they knew where you were. Although, Cal seems to be getting over it. He hasn't said a word. But miss, what about that Jack fellow?"
Rose's face darkened. Her tears stopped. Her brown eyes seemed to become a dull black. Her partly relieved face turned into a solemn stare. A quiet whisper came out of her thin lips. "Jack…" Then, she collapsed onto the hard wooden floor.

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