Rose Down Under Rose Down Under
This is a story I have been writing about Rose coming to Australia. I will try and update it as often as possible. I hope you enjoy it. Please e-mail me or sign my guestbook and tell me what you think. I appreciate criticism.

My Titanic, the story after

Chapter 1

A new life, a new beginning. The steady downpour of rain covered her tears, which streamed softly down her delicate cheeks. Solemn faces stared coldly at the approaching land as Carpathia gradually came to a standstill and the crowd progressed slowly across the slippery decks. Rose looked up painfully towards the sky, and wished she was anywhere else – the mountains, the moon, the stars…

Making no eye contact, Rose walked unsteadily down the cold New York Street. Buildings around her soared high into the sky, rain filled the road with shallow puddles and the stars were blocked by the menacing clouds, as a thunderclap roared painfully across the sky. The whole universe was crying with Rose.

A lonely beggar wandered aimlessly down the street, calling out to strangers who didn’t even hear her small cries.
“Please, just buy one. Please.”
The girl’s clothes were torn and moth eaten, her light hair fell dead around her shoulders and lost in the muddy water were her bare feet.

Rose couldn’t bear to look at the poor innocent girl. There was so much pain in her life now; she couldn’t stand the sight of another lost soul. All of a sudden, there was a faint “Rose…” Looking up startled, Rose came face to face with the beggar girl. A few strands of windswept hair danced around the girl’s face and her blue eyes were filled with light. Her thin, bony arm thrusted a large rose in Rose’s face.

After jumping back, startled, the girl turned and whispered to her, her eyes begging, “Take it Rose.” Rose lifted her dainty arm and gently wrapped her fingers around the delicate stem. The rose was a perfect bright red, not a dint or scratch in sight. Tears started to form in the edges of Rose’s eyes as she faced the girl.

“Thankyou,” Rose smiled sweetly.
“Never let go Rose,” the girl whispered in Rose’s ear. “Make each day count.”

Before Rose could say a word, the girl smiled cheekily, and a dull light surrounded her fragile form, showering the street with joy. Within the passing crowds, not one person noticed the light. They kept on walking briskly through the chilly night air.

Giggling the girl disappeared into the shadows of the night. But before the last shimmer of light could fade, Jack’s voice echoed, “I love you Rose.”

All she could do was let her tears come and smile towards the shooting star visible through the parting clouds. “I love you too Jack. I love you.”

Part 2 of my story

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