Metaphor, Cognitive Translation and
The Principles of Seemlessness:

      One could learn a new system of logic
  and develop precision of thought. These
  tools might help the student attain an
  understanding of those metaphysical forces
  that govern the Universe. Understanding
  then leads to constructive advancements.
  This is the path of the Scientist.

    Another path could be to study the
  relationship between consciousness and
  the Universe. This could lead to experiences,
  visualizations and realizations through which
  the student could gain insight into the
  "metaphysic" and with enough time even
  become an operator of these forces.
  This is the path of the Engineer.

    There is another path. Often it leads to
  chaos and disaster, yet in the past great leaps
  in knowledge and power have been achieved.

    Civilizations often call this path "A Set of
  Interrogations". A series of one hundred questions each more refined than the previous and programmed to push the gifted student over several years into a new state of being, a new reality, a new will and a real ability to control the powers delivered unto them by their Masters. This is the path of the Magician