Sculptured Glow

This is My version of a Scupltured Glow Effect
I know there is many ways to do this but this way is simple and works for me.

1. Open a new image 300x300 pixels/bgcolor black/72 dpi/16.7mil color
2. Click on the add text icon I used a "T" in Arial /size 144 /color White with Vector and anti-alias checked.
3. Center Your T by going to Objects/Align/Center in Canvas
4. Click on Selections/From vector object
5. Save the selection to Alpha Channel
6. Click on the Layer1 tab in the Layers palette/Right click and convert to Raster
7. Click on the Background Layer and then hold the Shift Key and click on the New Layer button
8. Make sure the New Layer is active and your T is still selected, if not load from the alpha channel. Go to Selections/Modify/Feather/12 and flood fill with #FFOOOO 5 times with bucket options set to normal. When filled hit Ctrl+D to deselct.
9. Make a New Layer above Layer 2 as described above. Load selection from the Alpha Channel onto this Layer. Click Selections/Modify/Feather/6.
Fllod fill this selection with #FFFF00 4 times.
Hit Ctrl-D to deselect.
Go to the top layer which should be Layer 1 that contains the " T ".
Load the selection from the Alpha Channel.
Change the Flood fill to Pattern Mode
I used the "Land" pattern set at 100%/Angle 0
Flood fill the selection.
Do not deselect. Go to Effects/3d effects/InnerBevel
and use these settings:

Right click on 1 of the layers and choose Merge/Flatten

Your Image should look like the one below:

This Tutorial will work on almost any font or shape.
Try different fill colors, patterns and bevels for varied effects.
Hope You enjoyed it and learned a new trick or two. 8^)

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