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Titans Adult Archive

Titans Adult Archive

Dedicated to the no-longer-teen Titans.

Update late December IN PROGRESS 10/26-?

Aie. Teach me to go so long without updating.
EIGHT Dick/Kyle stories by Casey; "Picture Perfect" by John O'Connor (revised); five new Incidentals and two Dick/other fics by nw's chick,

June update: "In One Moment," "Everything Can Change," and "For Your Viewing Pleasure" by Bevis, "While You Were Out" by Carmen, "Heads, I Win" by Gen X, "Picture Perfect" by John O'Connor, "The Slayer and the Amazon" by Lisa Nicholson, "Incidentals: Gestating" and "Dating Batman" by nw's chick, "Rough Edges" by Soul Spinner and Bluepizza, and "Friendly Persuasion" by Telanu.

Updated subpage!! The All in Green Archive, for Kyle Rayner/Connor Hawke fics. We REALLY need more stories about these two!

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Also, there's a LOT of new Sea & Sky fics over on my homepage, but I'm tired of making links. ;) Go over there and read 'em! *g*

Still soliciting fic!! C'mon, there's got to be more than THIS out there....

Ah, Nightwing. Dickie-boy gets the most action. Maybe it's his name. *snerk* Dick has a couple of archives dedicated to him alone, and you can find the link to the best one (well, 'rith's favorite, anyway) at the bottom of the page. I'll gladly archive some here, but truth be told I'm mostly looking for fic about the *other* Titans.

Warning/disclaimer: The fiction on this page contains ADULT CONTENT. If you are under the legal age in your state/country to read such, get gone. If such concept disturbs you, likewise vamoose.

Unless otherwise noted, all characters property of DC Comics. No infringement of copyright is intended by any of the below, nor money made from the writing of same.

Page archivists:

Kerithwyn Jade, aka ‘rith
Dannell Lites

More stories to come! Er, so to speak. If you have something to donate or know of a story that's not listed here, please let us know!

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Fiction by ’rith and Dannell .

On Target
Tensions between Nightwing and Arsenal explode into a confrontation—and more. Cautions: m/m slash. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky: Nightwing and Tempest.

Sea and Sky I: A Sea Change by Dannell. Cautions: m/m slash. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky II (World's Finest II): by 'rith. Tim Drake talks to Dick Grayson about his encounter with Superboy--and learns about Dick's new relationship with Garth. Cautions: Adult topics, m/m slash themes. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky III: Something Rich and Strange by 'rith. Nightwing and Tempest explore their new relationship with some plot-unencumbered sex. Cautions: Explicit m/m slash. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky IV: Interlude (500 Words) by 'rith. Garth watches Dick as he sleeps. Cautions: m/m slash themes. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky V: Full Fathom by 'rith. Nightwing and Tempest explore a new world. Cautions: m/m slash. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky VI: Oracle Interlude 1 by 'rith. Babs finds out. Cautions: m/m slash implication. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky VII: Eyes Wide by 'rith. Babs just called; everyone reacts. Cautions: m/m slash themes. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky VIII: Bitter Waters by 'rith. Dick makes a decision; Garth reflects. Cautions: m/m slash themes. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky IX: Oracle Interlude 2 by 'rith. Babs learns of recent developments. Cautions: m/m slash themes. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky X: Three Words (a Titans moment) by 'rith. Donna has a few words with her teammate. Cautions: m/m slash themes. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky XI: El Dorado by Dannell. On the edge of No Man's Land, Dick meets an angel. Cautions: m/m slash. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky XII: The Next Best Thing by Dannell. In which certain Truths come to light. Cautions: m/m slash themes. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky XIII: Fever Dreams/"And Then I Woke Up" by 'rith and Dannell. Truth and consequences. Cautions: m/m slash themes. Offsite link.

Out of sequence Sea and Sky fics
(Yes, these will be put IN sequence once the series catches up with them! *G*)

Sea and Sky: Small Moments by 'rith. A PWP, out of sequence. Cautions: m/m slash. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky: Beneath the Waves by Dannell. Garth visits some old friends in Altantis. Out of sequence. Cautions: m/m slash implied. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky: Gliding Effortlessly by the marvellous Tangerine. A night in Titans' Tower. PWP. Oh, I swoon! Out of sequence. Cautions: m/m slash. Offsite link.

Sea and Sky: Tofu and Good Taste by Gabriel Orion. I needled Gabriel until he wrote this for me. Guest starring Connor "Green Arrow" Hawke! Out of sequence. Cautions: m/m slash implied. Offsite link.

Visit 'rith's homepage for Sea and Sky illustrations and the rest of the series--now over twenty fics with no end in sight! *g*

Fiction by ’rith .

'rith's homepage

The Thousandth Man.
Two old friends have a new conversation. Cautions: m/m slash implication. Offsite link.

This story has two variation-sequels, one light, one serious. Both have the same opening scene.

"...More Close Than a Brother."
Two old friends continue their conversation. Cautions: mild m/m slash implication. Offsite link.
"...With You in Any Water."
Two old friends continue their conversation. Cautions: explicit m/m slash. Offsite link.

Leaving Delphi.
Barbara Gordon and Roy Harper follow up on a connection made in Aya and TBoarder’s “Truth or Dare” (story listed below). Cautions: m/f sex. Offsite link.

Taking Aim.
Roy, ah, catches Dick when he's down. Cautions: EXPLICIT m/m slash . Offsite link.

Taking Aim: I Spy.
A quasi-sequel to "Taking Aim." What if...people were *watching?!* Cautions: m/m slash implication. Offsite link.

After the events of Titans #12, Donna seeks comfort with a friend. Cautions: m/f sex. Offsite link.

Truth or Dare: Reverberations I.
After the "Truth or Dare" party winds down, things start to heat up! *g* Sequel to Aya and TB's "Truth or Dare" fic.

Fiction by Dannell Lites.

The Voice.
A musical tale of Nightwing and Jericho. Offsite link.

Fiction by Aya.

Kory and Me
Donna and Kory have always been friends, but a girl's night out together leads them to explore intimate new territory in their relationship with each other. Offsite link.

Roy encounters his nemesis...Cheshire. Offsite link.

One Lonely Night
*snicker* Dick just can't get no...satisfaction. *evil grin* Offsite link.

Nightwing's evil double Deathwing stalks the Titans. WARNING: Rape scene. Also includes consentual m/f and f/f scenes. Offsite link.

And Then...
An author has an encounter with her fictive.

When Night Fell
Nightwing meets a power he can't resist. Note the warnings that precede the fic.

Fiction by Aya and TBoarder.

Truth or Dare

The Titans need some down time after the harrowing rescue of the Huntress. So it's another wonderful Titan party, like in the good old days... As the good times roll, a playful game of Truth Or Dare begins to spice up the party... Come, be privy to the secrets revealed, and fantasies unleashed.... Now hosted here!

Truth or Dare

Shakespeare Was Wrong
Troia and her teammate go out on a date. A sequel to “Truth or Dare.”

Fiction by Bevis.

In One Moment.
Set vaguely in current continuity, an encounter between Arsenal and Changeling leads from one thing to another.

Everything Can Change.
A sequel to ‘In One Moment’. Roy Harper considers the implications of his night with Garfield Logan.

For Your Viewing Pleasure.
Gar sends Roy a unique present.

Fiction by Carmen.

Longing for the Light.
Donna and Wally share a moment.

Assignations of Blame (and Fictives) by my real-life Muse Carmen.
How to describe this?! After I wrote the two "Taking Aim" fics, I was complaining that Greedy!Roy had been keeping me from writing other things...and Carmen channeled us BOTH for a conversation between Writer and Fictive. *G* I'm honored to be *her* fictive. Cautions: m/m slash implied. Offsite link.

While You Were Out .
When Linda vanished from his memories, Wally tried to fill the void. Offsite link.

Fiction by Casey .

Nightwing and Green Lantern: Emerald Wings series.

Dick and Kyle learn something new about each other.

One More Time
The sequel to "Switching." A couple of months later, the guys meet up again....

NEW! One Night in Bludhaven

NEW! Encounter

NEW! Guilt

NEW! Repercussions

NEW! ...And Reactions

NEW! Life Changes

NEW! Happy Thanksgiving

NEW! Auld Lang Syne

Swimming against the Tide
A moment in the lives, framed in grief.

Fiction by Gabriel Orion.

Wally and Piper share a moment.

Fiction by Gen X.

Heads, I Win
Roy gets bored.

Fiction by John O'Connor.

The Final Lesson
Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island to assess Wonder Girl's Amazonian training. Offsite link.

NEW! Picture Perfect
After assisting Jade find a missing child, Argent finds there's more to a green-skinned hero than a skimpy costume. Revised!

Fiction by Jubilee.

Night in my Veins
Roy and a now-adult Cassie (Young Justice) follow up on an attraction.

Fiction by kirarose.

kira's homepage

Nightwing and Arsenal.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks... Arsenal is put in the hospital. Offsite link.

...in the Hearts of Men... Nightwing thinks back and reflects on his feelings. Offsite link.

...The Shadow Knows! part 1 It is two years later and one of the men that hurt Arsenal is getting out! Offsite link.

...The Shadow Knows! part 2 The finale. Offsite link.

Fiction by Lianne.

Lianne's homepage

Sometimes Good Guys Finish First
Kyle and Roy go out for the beer promised at the end of The Titans #6 and one thing leads to another. Offsite link.

Home is the Hunter
Home at last, Vic learns the truth of his old friend's feelings for him. Offsite link.

Fiction by Lisa Nicholson.

The Slayer and the Amazon
Donna encounters a very unusual young lady.

Fiction by ManEaterLad.

Merry Xmas
Dick spends a VERY merry Christmas with a friend.

March Madness
Gar asserts some authority.

April Fools
Games in the night.

Night and Day: Old Times' Sake
What if Ryand'r had come to Earth instead of Kory?

Southern Comfort
Dick meets an infamous Cajun thief.

Dick stakes a claim...with help.

Also, make sure to visit the The All in Green Archive, for MEL's Kyle Rayner/Connor Hawke fics!

Fiction by nw's chick.

’rith will pass along feedback!

Baby, you can drive my car
Dick, Garth, a fabulous car, and sex. Gorgeous. :)

Ice Cream
Another take on a Nightwing/Tempest relationship, and how it came to be. 'rith has been rereading this obsessively. :)

Dick's story, in another life. Another beautifully written tale.

Sequel to Incidentals: Bruce tells his side.

Incidentals: A Moment of Waiting
An Incidentals fic. Tim waits.

Incidentals: Gestating
An Incidentals fic. Set during the first story. Babs learns about Tim's attraction to Dick.

NEW! Incidentals: Blurb
An Incidentals fic.

NEW! Incidentals: Next
An Incidentals fic.

NEW! Incidentals: Sweat
An Incidentals fic.

NEW! Incidentals: First
An Incidentals fic.

NEW! Incidentals: Silent Night
An Incidentals fic.

Inspired By
The story of Nightwing from the animated series--the part we didn't see on tv. *G*

Dating Batman
Sequel to "Inspired By."

Double Indemnity
Wonderful sillyfic. Dick's admirers get out of hand.

NEW! In My Life
Nightwing/OC. AU. Dickie tells his life story, focusing on when he was a young twink in love....

NEW! After Night's End
Nightwing/others. Vamp fic.

Fiction by Reccea.

Over Guinness
Roy and Donna discuss his feelings about Dick.

After Guinness
Roy and Dick continue their `talk', with a little interruption from Clancy.

Fiction by Samy Merchi.

Samy’s homepage

Common Juncture
During Troia's first meeting with the celebrated Wonder Woman in WONDER WOMAN (vol.2.) #47, the two women seemed to hit it off instantly. What cemented their friendship to be 'mightier than the Gordian Knot'? Offsite link.

Fiction by Shade.

Sealed with a Kiss
Garth celebrates a special holiday with the Titans.

Heromones 1: The Dreamer
Kyle's been dreaming about his teammate. (Yeah, okay, so this is a JLA fic. They WERE Titans. *g*)

Fiction by SKH.

Video Symbiosis: PG version
Nightwing shows off for a special watcher.

Video Symbiosis: NC-17 version
Nightwing shows off for a special watcher.

An ongoing Nightwing story with vast implications. It's only available via the Bludhaven group at YahooGroups; you can sign up here. Bludhaven group
The chapters are archived in the Files section, in the Bludhaven library.

Fiction by Soul Spinner.

Of Myths and Men
The Titans are abducted to another universe and Nightwing meets a god.

Rough Edges
After Donna dumps him, Roy needs Dick to help him heal. Written with Bluepizza.

Fiction by TBoarder(with an assist from Aya).

Crisis of the Heart
The Titans grapple with personal problems while saving the world. Offsite link.

A Night in the Life
Jesse, Donna, a boring corporate affair...which turns out to be a lot more interesting than Jesse had expected.

Argent Hits 19
Toni turns 19 and her friends give her a very *special* celebration.

Fiction by Telanu.

The Fire and Ice series

Starfire offers Raven friendship on a cold night.

First Kiss
Starfire finds a way to thank Raven for rescuing her...

Cold Reflections
Sequel to "First Kiss." Raven's point of view.

Delaying a Decision
Raven thinks she's made up her mind, but something happens.

I Can Do This
Starfire explains a few decisions of her own. First-person POV; sequel to "Delaying A Decision."

Friendly Persuasion
Starfire has a proposal for Raven. Sequel to "I Can Do This." Offsite link.

Various Authors.

The Dracoverse

In canon Jason Todd died a horrible death at the hands of the Joker. In fanfiction, he has a chance to live again. This (highly recommended!) project was begun by Kaylee, and is noted on this site because Kaylee included that AU’s version of Dick and Garth in a relationship similar to the one created by ‘rith and Dannell in “Sea and Sky.”

All stories on this page are wonderful, particularly Kaylee’s own establishing story “Here There Be…”. Stories that contain significant Dick/Garth content include Mel’s A Dinner of Herbs and Dannell’s Draco Draconis .


There's a whole Titans section over here, with a couple of adult stories I don't have archived....

* "Waterfalls" by Bob Malooga [Toni/Ryand'r]
* "Bachelorette Party" by Princess Koriand'r [Donna/other]
* "First Times" by Princess Koriand'r [Kory/Dick]


THE page for Nightwing fics is the Birds of a Feather archive, specializing in Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon fiction. It's a lovely place. :) In particular, check out "Oracle and Nightwing" by Jody Revenson; it was one of the first (and still the hottest) Dick/Babs fic on the 'Net.

The All in Green Archive, a subpage for Kyle/Connor fics. 'cause Kyle WAS a Titan. For all of five minutes, but hey, it counts. ;)

Feedback and comments gladly received.


Arsenal image from the Project Titans website.