Back for revenge is officially dead.

Paul, you are not and never will own/co-own BFR.
Secondly, how da fuck do u expect to co-own BFR with me if u start sayin shit about me on my own krews site. and how can you make urself a krew owner... you cant own sum1 elses krew unless they practically hand it over to you, and that is far from what happened.

Next point, Joe made the layout and pretty much everything else to do with that site, you just put the writing in. So why try and take credit for it?

Next. The fake moderator takeover you made paul... i mean come on... youre the one who slagged off IoU for the same kinda thing. You have given BFR a worse name than it already had by doing so. Ive had at least 5 people tell me that it was a mistake letting you run the site and an even worse mistake letting you be co owner (which i never did, you did...)

You called me lazy and said i never did anything for BFR, on my own krews site. I must have got at least 100 trashes and takeovers in the space of a few months for BFR, none of the other members did much apart from Geoff (Cheers m8). Incase you didnt notice, you were just a trialist in the whole of the good times BFR had. The moment i made you a member, things went downhill. As soon as i let you run the site... well i think ive spoke enough about that.

Paul, if you wanna run a krew, make your own. If you wanna make a website... MAKE YOUR OWN.... dont just get Joe to do it for you.

If BFR ever comes back, it will be on this web adress. So if Paul makes a or sumfin, know that it is not BFR, merely a feeble attempt at being BFR.

*Peace Out*

Craig - The only owner BFR will ever have.
Thankyou for reading =)