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This Krew was started by Craig and Matt (who left) to bring a new meaning to Krews. Most krews are specially selected elite hackers/scripters and all the krew wants to do is trash their way to sucess, these krews are too serious. Some of the members dont even know all the members of their own krew. Not giving any examples ;)
   I believe that Krews should be a group of m8s above anything. I select members who are my friends, and friends of others in the krew. If they are a hacker/scripter well thats a bonus. Dont get me wrong,  we need some scripting skillz in the krew for us to stand any chance at all, this is why i wont be allowing any random person 2 join. So to join, you must be a trusted friend with some sort of skill that will be useful for the development of the Krew.
Thanks to:
Everyone on habbo who has helped me in any way
SiN for hosting
All loyal members of the krew.
19th February
- Members list will soon be cleaned up of people who have not been an asset to the krew. Descisions are taking place today.
- New effects added to the site, Enjoy =)
- New system im place. Certain members will be asked to go for specific targets.