an experience of creation
Welcome to my home page I hope you will enjoyed your time here. We will share together about my experience with PUPPETS (especially handpuppets) in The Philippines. First of all let me introduce myself, I am Felix Salcedo (Tony), I was in the Philippines for one year an a half as a Columban Student (Student for Priesthood) from Perú, now I am a priest working in Peru. I started to work with puppets a few years ago in my own country but it was in the Philippines that I became more involved, because somebody asked me to teach them how to make and use puppets and since that moment I have been working with workshops and seminars. This page is the results of all my work; feel free to take whatever you like for this Home Page, please do not forget to sign my guest book and if you like some information about this page do not hesitate and write me
Felix Salcedo ssc