this is where the updates and daily logs show up the stuff i'm not down with the stuff the fans aren't down with people claim that i do a lot of stuff, know the facts. hardcore conversations that i've had with people. the place where you can worship, the one and only... don't know what the hell i'm talking about? well go here to find out, and learn slanguage... stuff that you don't really need to know about me... i'm gonna take you back WAY back... go here if you're REALLY bored, this is like the last resort. linkage, if you want your's up just tell me and i'll jook it up... leave your mark, drop a message, or maybe not... no chain letters, or onrop... i can get my own, just playing... talk to people... just say no, based on a true story... the birth of 'too buff for society' 6th installment, produced by the man formerly known as poopooman,a lot of underground.. more underground tracks, not completed yet... perfection in 3 chicks
Go ahead and Talk if you're bored.. this site is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution...the songs will be completely random from now on, if you don't like the song just refresh and a new one should pop songs will be added often... if you want some songs to go on just tell me and i'll put it. this site was made with ms paint, and geocities.
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