Anpo Luta Lakota Land
       in France Occitanie
Back in 1989, Thierry Cintas, a frenchman, contacted Didier Dupont, who is chairman of the French-Lakota society. This group promotes cultural exchange activities, and Cintas had decided to dedicate some of his land in southern France to the Lakota (Sioux) people. Dupont worked for 2 years on the project, combining efforts with Native americans Birgil Kills Straight and Johnny Looking Cloud. Their work paid off in early May of 1991. Birgil Kills Straight and johnny Looking Cloud conducted a Ceremony that drew people of from all over France, in addition to national television, newspaper, and radio coverage. The 20 acres of foothills farmland contains a few houses and the stone fences typical of the region.
Birgil Kills Straight gave it the Lakota name
"Anpo Luta"
which means Red Dawn. The land is near the town of Albi; the closest city Toulouse. Meetings and cultural activities will be held there, and a cultural center is planned.
       Ceremony may 7 1991
Chestnuts forest of Ardelles 
    Occitanià centrala-France

I hope one day give to the land one future,
elp me, send your opinion, about opportunity of lakota embassy over this part of earth in France (Oc)   

There is a lakota land here !
I'm convinced lakota People have many to bring, for a best world
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