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Hi everybody! I didn't knew how to apologize to you guys (and girls) since I didn't upgrade my website the Sunday. So I wanted to come with something new and I though about a new layout. YEAHH!!! It's basically the same as the other one but with a different image.... why am I saying that ... it's like.... I think I should shut the hell up. Anyway the image comes from Yu Kagei artwork. I didn't knew what was the original name of the image so I called La petite aux ailes which mean . By the way, I used my old web name ..... because I missed it. Enjoy! ^___^




Tetsuya Nomura
Mutsumi Inomata
Hyung-Tae Kim
Kunihiko Tanaka
Hirofumi Fujiko
Yu Kagei
Yoshita Amano


Kaori Yuki
Hajime Ueda/FLCL
yoshitoshi ABe
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Lee Young Yoo


Street Fashion
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|| Hi again, let me help you with the navigation. ||

First, you will see the section Designers. This section combines designers from different video games. When you click on a section as Tetsuya Nomura you will not find information or a biographie about them but instead you will find there artwork. Example: If you click on Tetsuya Nomura you will find artwork from Final Fantasy or Parasite Eve. That goes also for the other designers.

The other section is Mangaka. In this section you will find artwork from different manga. Example: If you click on Yuki Kaori you will find artwork from her work as Angel Sanctuary, Blood Hound, Lugwid Kakumei and ect. It goes like that for the other mangaka. But you might find also animé in this section. Since we do not have enough images to creat a new section you might see them mix up with the Mangaka

The last section Other has, well other stuff as you can see.

N.B. The two first section (Designers and Magnaka) contained only image for the creator. It doesn't have a biographie or other stuff like that. Maybe they will have other information but now it doesn't


Hi! It has been a long time since I updated my website. It even feels weird. Good new I added up some pics on Ai, Kim and Yuki section. Maybe tomorrow or even Sunday I will be updating. If I don't well.... you are going to wait a long time ^^''. Because I don't have internet so in other words, I am not at home. I am planning to change my layout to something more.... different. But I ain't sure!!! I really want to add up all the pics I have in my inpiu but..... it's is damn long...!!!! Well, better get working.... tomorrow I'll be writting more so don't worry. I have so many stuff to write down........


Memo from the invisible man:You may be surprise to see me... again... miss me or chani (her new nickname) deleted her internet service... sort of. So I think that you might have already understood why I did appear. I don't have any material to continue this website so I guess you will have to wait (At least I am going to do something not like Chani)

invisible man Since Chani insisted me on written something I....well.....At 6 p.m. some friends and I went to chani house and of course she didn't knew we were going to come (as usual but that time I had a good reason... I wanted to go to the bathroom)..... just joking! It's true that I needed to go badly in the bath but the real reason is that she is going into difficult problem so we went to support her ( friends do that : ) didn't you know? ). She looked fine. She have been doing a lot of stuff. She learned how to do mini shirt and still praticing, she redecorated her room ( it's kinda cool, Fana, Gabi and Michelle adored ) and babysitting his lil' bro. We wanted to help her clean the house but everything WAS clean. We stood there, having fun, making stupid thing and dancing with singing ( just think cheap kareoke ) We left at 11 p.m. and now I am that my beautiful househole with Vince and Vince. Before I finish, I just wanted to say that... I like you a lot and wish that you could live happy. With all wish you good and best.

By the way, the two weirdo wish you luck......

Serious stuff: So anyway, chani will be back on the end of next month or later. I am a busy man so I will update which 2 weeks. And don't you dare get mad....


Yes, I finished my summer class and I had 87% in my exam!! I'm so happy. Anyway, I'm going to try to add up some new pics but I'm still not sure .... just between you and me... I a m l a z y......hihihi....


I'm so sorry ! I didn't upgrade. Very very sorry. I didn't have any time left for my poor webpage (forgive me page). Plus, an other bad new. Since I didn't pass my math class I will have to take summer school. It sucks. It also means that I won't be able to do any think the next 2 weeks. It really sucks. I am going to add up some pics before his weekend end. Maybe I will add up the pics Sunday ( since the longest thing to do is the upload ). I found some Naoko Takeuchi artwork but I didn't have the time to find other mangaka (beside Sailor Moon). Anyway, I have so many things to say....

Memo from me: Free Talk. YEAHHH!!!!! I bought the second manhwa ''Kill me Kiss me''. I simply like the story. Badly I will have to wait long for the third one. It takes time to get some damn manga or manhwa. I also bought some magazine ( I love magazine). I think I bought 4 magazine this month. My fav magazine right now is Zink. I love how the photograph take picture. It's amazing, it's art. The other one I liked it a bit is Muteen. Cool magazine but it's in french (it comes from France). And the other one was People in spanish. Anyway, I have a great thing to.....

Guide tour from me - Part 2:Last Sunday (that means july 12 ) I was in Montreal to celebrate the closing of Festival de Jazz. It is something I am never going to forget. Le festival de Jazz de Montreal was celebrating there 25th and Le Circle du Soleil was celebrating there 20th. At 9 o'clock they were going to celebrate Le Soleil de Minuit or in english, Midnight Sun. It is the fuzion of the festival of Jazz and the Circle du Soleil. It was amazing. The music was amazing and the show too. Being there made me almost cry. It was fantastic. Some people maybe saw it on TV but being there was an experience. To be continue...

Again, I have to say sorry ( really sorry snif snif ). I'm doing my best : ) ---> : | really. Man, is my website is starting it to look like those journal ?? Looks like. ......... well what am I going to do ..... to lazy .....


Hi everyone! I just added some pics onto the section Ai Yazawa, Yuki Kaori and Hyung-Tae Kim. Not to much but still. Sorry guys but it seems that I do not have so much time in my life, but don't worry I'm still gonna try to add pics when I can. Anyway, there comes my big text. I have been think to add up 2 special mangaka. I mean, my website is about famous designer and mangaka. So how can I have famous mangaka in my web when I don't have Naoko Takeuchi ( If you don't know who is Naoko just think Sailor Moon) and Clamp. I just realize that I have alot of nice artwork but not ... euh... cute (like Kunihiko Tanaka's style). I have more style ...euh ..for...anyway too hard to explain. So maybe soon I will add those two mangaka before the others (I'm kinda excited to start working on those two). Anyway.... I forgot what I was going to write down .... ?

Memo from me: Free Talk. YEAH! As I already said, I bought that Manhwa ''Kill me Kiss me''. I really liked and I'm doing my best to find artwork from Lee Young-Yoo. And it's hard. Anyway, what I really wanted to say ... it is more like a '' Coups de Coeur''. Here I go. The book is very cool, funny and sweet. It is more a manhwa for girl but guys you can read it. Anyway I really enjoyed and I just wanted to share it with you guys. Thanks for visiting my web. Peace ^___^


Memo from the invisible man:We have a little problem. I don't know what it is but be sure I'm gonna fix it. We have a problem with the damn picture. But don't worry ....I'M HERE TO SAVE THE DAY....


At last I added up the picture but then there is still many things to do. I just added up three new section. As I promised. I didn't have the time to add them all up. You'll have to wait (mwhahahaha). Anyway, I added also those links. If you remember my website before when I had the final fantasy 7 thingies. Well ...... I know they are old but I did put them in my credit even if I don't have those pics on my web.

Anyway.... you have to check out the new section. They have cool artwork. By the way, I said I was going to upgrade my website yesterday but I did it today. Okay I'm a big liar and so what .....( sorry sorry PLEASE SORRY). I did so many thing yesterday that I didn't have the time to upgrade my home page. Do you want me to tell you what I did yesterday? *Hell no just shut up* Well if you insist.*damn it you...*

Guide tour from me:Yesterday that means june 24, it was the Saint-Jean Baptiste (it's the national celebration in Quebec). By the way it's where I live. We went to the Vieux-port of montreal. There was alot of activities. After I went to China Town. I saw three young chineses girls singing, it was funny. Then I went to St-Laurent where some fanatic of soccer were waiting to see if Portugal or England was going to win. Finally as you might know Portugal won and the street of St-Laurent were full of fanatic, not letting the car pass through. ( By the way, it wasn't a good idea to let your car in the street of St-Laurent if you knew that there was a soccer match ) I tried to go away from the crowd and when to Lila to eat. I ate chinese and viet food. And in the end of the wonderful journey I saw the Saint Jean Baptiste in concert by some quebecois artist in montreal in Maisonneuve .... I think. To be continue...


Hello ladies and gentlemens! Great news. Today, it was my last day of school. I have already plan my vacation... well sort of... anyway one of them is obviously spending more time in my webie. I am not going to spend it all in there but still... Ohh!! The other new is that I found some of my lost links. Tomorrow or Tuesday I will add them and start the adding of the designers.

Memo from the invisible man: I'm afraid I am still going to work my butt off for free but then... what are you going to do about it ...

Memo from me: Well, chatterbox time to speak.... oh yeah! I remember. It is about one kinda special designer I'm going to add in. It's Yu kage or Kagei ( not sure... sorry ^^''). The special thing about him or her is the artwork. It's so... worderful, beautiful, fantastic... I simply liked it. There is something special about his or her artwork. Anyway, I am adding soon the artwork and you're gonna see what I mean. There is also Amano. I mean who doesn't know him.... YOU DON'T KNOW HIM !!!!! Okay, I did too and so what! He's like the legend alive. If you already saw those final fantasy freaky drawing but then kinda cute ... well it's him. Really, there is something magical on his artwork and also so sensual. Anyway, I saw his artwork book and I want it badly (I'm hell going to buy it ). Anyway ... I am gonna sleep ... me sleeply hihihihi .... okay I'm very but very tired (I am not drug up ... I wish so). Then okidoki and nighty night ... I mean see ya next ... ZzZzZzzZzzzzZZZ ....


Hi again ! There is going to be new designer. Yep! I want to add up Yu Kagei, Takaya Natsuki, Masakazu Katsura, Hirofumi Fujiko and the famous Yoshitaka Amano. Ahhh! I want to add up some others but I don't have cash to buy the book. Sooo ... you'll have to wait.


Memo from me:Hi ! I'm so glad. I have great news. In the morning, I saw Mr. Invisible Man. And guess? Thanks to him I have acces into internet but not for too long. Enough time, well until the end of my vacation. Anyway, lets change of subject (Oh! I have so many things to write down. I don't know with what to start.)

First. I bought a new mangaka. Well it isn't a Mangaka, it's a Manhwa. Anywho, the name of it is Kill me Kiss me . It's a pretty damn book and it's so funny. Now the second subject that has in commun with the first one.

Second. A NEW SECTION I liked so much the Manhwa so I decided to make a new section. By the way for the people who do not know a Manhwa is a korean mangaka (well sort of) . It was actually the first manhwa that I bought. The designer is Lee Young Yoo. She's a women and very young ( hihihi ). Anyway I think she's awsome.

Three. Am I kicking Mr. Invisible Man? Well, no. He makes a good damn work and plus he haves most of my pics. Oh and that doesn't mean I am not going to kill you.

Four. I'm going to start my research for the biography on the designer. Maybe I will sart tonight or in five day. Since I haven't finish school. ( Still one day ... hope so)

Five. I'm still working hard on the thingies links so ....


Memo from the invisible man:Do you remember the navigation ? Well, I changed it because I kept reading it and it was full of errors. Miss of this website makes alot of mistakes when she writes. That's because she writes too fast. Anyway, I try to correct all her mistakes but it's too long. I'm not telling that I am Mr. Perfect *Well Almost* but when she writes fast I just can't understand. I think I should stop written or I'll get killed.


Did you read the [ N.B.] ? Well, it might be removed. When I was doing my layout and the section of designers and Mangaka, I felt as if something was actually missing. Then, when I was doing my table I said to my self *Why don't I put some extras information about them* The idea was super but finding the biography wasn't stick with me. So now you understand why I said *It might*. Still don't know but in the end of the month we will decide about it.

Other News: I don't have any section to add up *until now* but still have alot of images. AS YOU CAN SEE, I'm trying to find my old links. So don't get mad that me because I'm doing my possible. Plus, it's so difficult to find them when you don't have internet *remember, I didn't do the upgrade at my home*. If you see that you're credit is missing, send me a note into my guestbook.

Memo from me: Well, school is almost finishing so I will have more time to spend in my web. *Hope So* Then again, I find the time so long but I have so many thing to do. I really need vacation .

Memo from the invisible man: Until today, I didn't have the intention to write down. But then.... yes, then I almost was kicked down from the website. To make the long boring story short, the miss of this website was angry that me again. *She's going to kill me if she reads this* Now, we are back to business and everything is going to be okay. If you remark that this website isn't making any upgrade in the next months, that will mean that I was killed. Just joking but not the part of the killing thing. In the next day, I will be the one adding images and the written *but not the rest, I'm not allowed to do so* That means that in the end of this month you might see more of my written and more news wrote by me. See ya again and Peace :)


The website will be always in construction. I don't know went simply because I won't be the one adding stuff. To make a long story short, I don't have internet and even if I would I couldn't upload stuff *that because I acciendely deleted my new versions of almost everything and I'm with the oldies*. Anyway, my friends will be add stuff *poor them, they have tones of stuff to upload in their computer..... mwahahaha* Anyway, the update will not be read by me *that means that I didn't wrote this crap down*. Their will be new section * I hope so* like Kunihiko Tanaka, Mutsumi Inomata and Nobuteru Yuuki. Their will be also new pics in almost all the section. I will be checking my website went I'm going to be at friends or at school. So don't you believe I will not be checking if every is okay.


I will be adding alot of new pics and also new designer. Maybe I will add picture on the Street Fashion put I'm not sure. I need the copyright and I might take alot of time. Anyway...

21/02/04 New3 pics in Hajime/FLCL section. :)

Today, Saturday, I have nothing to do. Since I have nothing to do I decided to write some stuff, you know. I'm bored. Anyway, I wanted to use this space to write about my favorite J-rock band. The Pillows. I was just wondering if it is normal to hear there song everyday and never get bored to hearing them. I just like there song like the sound like the voice ....well I think you get the picture. ^^''' I wish I could buy the CD ...snif snif but no money. My favorite song is Kanajo wa Ky™ . If somebody knows the translation please send it.