I have a story to tell. You don't know me now, but you will soon enough. I'm a storyteller, I love arts and literature, but you all know that already. Usually on web sites people put cute stuff and lots of ads. Well this site is different, it's meant to entertain, but if you are easily offended, my site may not be for you.

I have this newfound interest in erotica and this will be the basis for my first story. The story may seem a bit strange, but hey, life's an adventure, you never know what you gonna get.

I will try to post a new one every week. All the stories will have their own themes depending on my moods, oh and by the way, these are original works, so don't copy them for publication or anything like that, cause I would just love to file a lawsuit.

Any way here goes your first story, an insight into me called, Sexual Tension enjoy!!!
The Encounter
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Origin Uknown

I am

My Thoughts

A Glimpse of paradise
My Mind Is
My heart's desire

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