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Dunlope Land Speed Race Car FOR SALE
US$75,000 Click here for more details
1926 T Coupe Built in New Zealand
for SALE
If its got Tits or Tires you got trouble

This site will show you some of both

Some of the cars on this site will be for sale
1926 T Coupe 302 ford V8 C4 auto ind rear construction started 1980 on the road 1990
1962 NOVA Conv page
in New Zealand
The 1959 Pontiac Page
1959 Caddy page
Mary Jo's corvette parts collection
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My 66 427 vette and 63 splitwindow
The big block lasted 150 miles after buying it before it spun a bearing


This well travelled 1973 Buick Riviera  148000 miles with rare factory sunroof and power door locks not a stage 1. Solid body from arrizona then driven to New York about three years ago now on new York title then to Los Angeles where it was located before going to GERMANY
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