70's UK Punk/New Wave Listing =Cos

Elvis Costello & The Attractions/ Wayne County & The Electric Chairs/ Covers/ Cowboy International/ Crabs/ Crass/

Cravats/ Crisis/ Crooks/ Crowd/ Crysbas/ Cuban Heels/ Clive Culbertson/ Cult Figures/ Cult Hero/ Cure/

Johnny Curious & The Strangers/ Cut-Outs/ Cyanide/ Cybermen


Elvis Costello & The Attractions



Wayne County & The Electric Chairs



Modern Girls (Decca 1979) on LDK35. power pop.



VS-253 Aftermath/ Future Noise (Virgin 3/79)

VS-267 Nothing Doing/ 2 Millions (Virgin 6/79) -w/ flexi 'Many Times'

VS-293 Thrash/ Many Times (revised) (Virgin 10/79)


V-2136 The Original Sin (Virgin 10/79)

1.Pointy Shoes 2.Thrash 3.Part Of Steel 4.Here Comes A Saturday 5.Original Sin// 6.Aftermath 7.Hands 8.M(emorie)62

9.Lonely Boy 10.The 'No' Tune 11.Wish


v-Ken Lockie g-Rick Jacks b-Jimmy Hughes k-Evan Charles d-Terry Chimes (ex.Clash)

Pop new wave. Left one more single= 'Today Today/ Fixation' (VS-326 2/80). Lockie went to solo and released

an LP= 'The Impossible' (V-2187 5/81). Marco Pirroni (ex.Banshees, Models, Rema Rema) played w/ the group a short

while. Keith Levine (PIL) plays g on track 11 of the LP.




14.Lullabies Lie on 'Farewell To The Roxy'


Punk. Also listed 'Victim/ ----' (Lightning 5/78), but not sure for its existance.



CRASS-1 Reality Asylum/ Shaved Woman (Crass 5/79)


WEENY-2 Feeding Of The Five Thousand (Small Wonder 12/78) -12" EP

1.The Sound Of Free Speech 2.Do They Owe Us A Living? 3.End Result 4.They've Got A Bomb 5.Punk Is Dead

6.Reject Of Society 7.General Bacardi 8.Banned From The Roxy 9.G's Song// 10.Fight War, Not Wars 11.Women

12.Securicor 13.Sucks 14.You Pay 15.Angels 16.What A Shame 17.So What 18.Well?....Do They?

-rec. 29/10/78. Re-issued on Crass (CRASS-621984) w/ 'Asylum' instead of 'The Sound Of Free Speech' which is actually

just silence due to the lyric.


CRASS-521984 Station Of The Crass (Crass 9/79) -2LP

1.Mother Earth 2.White Punks On Hope 3.You've Got Big Hands 4.Darling 5.System 6.Big Man, Big M.A.N.

7.Hurry Up Garry// 8.Fun Going On 9.Crutch Of Society 10.Heard Too Much About 11.Chairman Of The Bored 12.Tired

13.Walls 14.Upright Citizen// 15.The Gasman Cometh 16.Demo'n' Crats 17.Contaminational Power 18.Time Out

19.It Ain't Thick, It's Just A Trick// 20.System 21.Big Man, Big M.A.N. 22.Banned From The Roxy 23.Hurry Up Garry

24.Time Out 25.They've Got A Bomb 26.Fight War, Not Wars 27.Women 28.Shaved Women 29.You Pay

30.Heard Too Much About 31.Angels 32.What A Shame 33.So What 34.G's Song 35.Do They Owe Us A Living?

36.Punk Is Dead -sides 1-3 at 45 rpm, rec. 11/8/79, side 4 at 33 rpm, rec. live at Pied Bull, Islington, London, 7/8/79.


v-Steve Ignorant g-Phil Free g-N.A.Palmer b-Pete Wright d-Penny Rimbaud voice-Eve Libertine, Joy De Vivre

Political punk.



CH-004 Gordon/ Situation Vacant (Small Wonder 10/78)

SMALL-15 The End EP: Burning Bridges// I Hate The Universe/

The End (Small Wonder 1979)


v, g-Rob Dallaway v, b-The Shend d-Dave Bennett sax-Yehudi Storageheater

From Redditch. Punk. Issued some more singles and an LP= 'Cravats In Toytown' (Small Wonder CRAVAT-1 1980).



NORTH-1 No Town Hall/ Southwark/ Holocaust (Peckham Action Group 1979)

CRI-002 UK '79/ White Youth (Ardkor 1979)


6.Holocaust on 'Labels Unlimited'


From Guildford. Punk. 7 track 12" EP= 'Hymns Of Faith' (Ardkor CRI-003 1980).



BLU-2002 Modern Boys/ The Beat Goes On (Blueprint 10/79)


v, g, k-Dino Dean g-Jim Fingers b-Chris Broderick d-Michael Arthur Sparrow

Mod. Left one more single= 'All The Time In The World/ Banging My Head' (BLU-2006 1/80) and LP= 'Just Released'

(BLULP-5002 1980).



SRTS-79/CUS-377 Ronnie Is A Headbanger// A Little Of What I Fancy/ Let's Fly Together

(SRT 1979) -1 on LDK20.



Draenog Marw (Sain 1978) -listed as Welsh punk.



JY-1 Downtown/ Smok Walk (Housewive's Choice 4/78)

v-John Malarky (ex.Johnny & the Self Abusers)

g-Laurie Cuffe b-Paul Armour d-Davie Duncan

From Edinburgh. Punk. LP= 'Work Our Way To Heaven' (Cuba Libre/Virgin V-2210 10/81).



RIP-9 Time To Kill/ Busy Signal (Rip Off 1979)

-re-issued on Logo GO-364, 1979. 1 on LDK15/ 2 on EBM4.

A member from Belfast band, No Sweat. Power pop.



GEAR-4/RT-020 Zip Nolan// Playing With Toys/ Zip Dub

(Rather/Rough Trade 1979) -inside of the poster sleeve.


v-Gary v, g-Jonnie v, g, b-Howie v, g-Joe v, b-Barry v, d-Marv

Punk. Also listed 'In Love EP' (GEAR-8). 'Any rumours that Marv, Joe, Barry and Howie are in fact Swell Maps are

vicious and slanderous.'



FICS-006 I'm A Cult Hero/ I Dig You (Fiction 1979)

= the Cure.



SMALL-11 Killing An Arab/ 10:15 Saturday Night

(Small Wonder 8/78) -re-issued FICS-001 2/79 w/ diff. vers.

FICS-002 Boys Don't Cry/ Plastic Passion (Fiction 5/79)

FICS-005 Jumping Someone Else's Train/ I'm Cold (Fiction 11/79)


FIX-1 Three Imaginary Boys (Fiction 5/79)

(includes 12 trax. All the titles are shown by drawings.)


6.Killing An Arab on '20 Of Another Kind' -Small Wonder version

3.Boys Don't Cry on '20 Of Another Kind Vol.2'


v, g-Robert Smith b-Michael Dempsey d-Lol Tolhurst

From Sussex. Alternative punk. Dempsey left 11/79, then joined b-Simon Gallip (ex.Lockjaw) and k-Matthiew Hartley

(ex.Mag/Spys). Org. called the Malice, then Easy Cure. 2nd LP= 'Seventeen Seconds' (FIX-4 4/80).



IL-009 In Tune/ Road To Cheltenham// Pissheadsville/ Jennifer

(Illegal 12/78)

BLAST-2 Someone Else's Home/ Backwards In The Night

(Bugle 1979)


v, g-Alan Cowley v, g-John Phillips v, b-Bob Greene d-Ian Cowley




D.I.Y. (EMI 1979) on LDK25



7N-46048 I'm A Boy/ Do It (Pye 2/78)

7N-46094 Mac The Flash/ Hate The State (Pye 5/78)

PIN-23 Your Old Man/ Fireball (Pinnacle 1979)


NSPL-18554 Cyanide (Pye 5/78)

1.Tonight 2.No Progress 3.I'm A Boy 4.Where's The Money 5.Do It 6.Night Rider// 7.Hate The State 8.Mac The Flash

9.The Job 10.All Over The Top 11.Tourist 12.Charlie -rec. 12/77


v-Bob De Uries g-Dave Stewart b-Dave Thompson d-Mick Stewart




AERE-101 Cybernetic Surgery/ Where's The New Wave?//

Hanging Around/ I Can't Help It (Rockaway 6/78)

-rec. 25/3/78

AERE-102 You're To Blame/ It's You I Want (Rockaway 1979) -both on RR2


v, g-Roger Entwistle v, b-Ian P.Dixon d-Paul M.Milek

From Cambridge. Punk.