70's UK Punk/New Wave Listing =Da-

Damned/ Dangerous Girls/ Phil Daniels & The Cross/ Dansette Damage/ Dark/ Johnny Darke/ Das Schnitz/ Dazzlers/

Dead Fingers Talk/ Deaf Aids/ Deaf School/ Deano's Marvels/





MM-115 Dangerous Girls/ I Don't Want To Eat (With The Family)

(Happy Face 1978)

MM-116 Taaga EP: Safety In Numbers/ Jump Up And Down//

Down On The File/ Sex (Happy Face 1979)


v-Michael Robert Cooper g-Chris Ames b-Rob Rampton d-Rob Peters

From Worcester. Punk/ Post punk. 3rd single= 'Man In The Glass/ MO75' (Human 1980).



Kill Another Night (RCA 1979) on LDK30.

Penultimate Person (RCA)


Phil Daniels & The Cross (RCA 1979)

12 tracks incl.: Penultimate Person/ Welcome To The Party/ Class Enemy/ Free You/ Lost Romance/ Kill Another Night/

Shout Across The River/ Stop Watch/ News At Ten etc.


v, g-Phil Daniels b-Barry Niel k-Peter Yugo Dari d-John MacWilliams

Pop new wave. Phil Daniels appeared in the movie 'Quadrophenia' as Jimmy, and TV drama 'SCUM'.



LACE-001 The Only Sound/ N.M.E. (Shoestring 5/78)

-rec. 2/78. prod. by Robert Plant (also on back v).


orig. lineup (1-2/78):

v-Eddie Blower v, g-Colin Hall v, g-John Kavanagh b-Jeff Collins d-Les Salcombe back v-Alan Pegg, Steve Kinloch

From Birmingham. Punk. Pegg and Kinloch left 2/78 and Blower switched to k 3/78. v, g-Steve Hall joined 8/78.

Went to pop new wave/ new romantic style in '79-'80. Changed their name to Swing Music 1/81. Split up 7/81.

2nd single= '2001 3/4 Approximately/ Must Be Love' (Pinnacle PIN-30 3/80) -rec. 6/78.



FRESH-2 My Friends/ John Wayne (Fresh 1979) -rec. 14/5/79


v-John g-Bill g-Riff b-Phil d-Jim

Punk. 2nd single= 'Hawaii Five-O Theme/ Don't Look Now' (FRESH-13 1980).



I'm Not A Believer (Carrere 1979) on LDK33. power pop.



4AM EP (Ellie Jay 1979) -3 trk included.

-listed as punk. 500 copies pressed, and only 200 had defaced pic. sleeves like this.



Phonies/ Kick Out (Charisma 1978)

CB-330 Lovely Crash/ Feeling In Your Heart (Charisma 1979)


Feeling Free (Charisma 1979)

Crying Shame, Lovely Crash, Too Much, You Are An Island etc.


Power pop.



Can't Think Straight/ Hold On To Rock'n' Roll (Pye 1978)

7N-46156 This Crazy World/ The Boyfriend (Pye 9/2/79)

-rec. 2/12/78


NSPH-24 Storm The Reality Studios (Pye 1978)

1.Electric City 2.Nobody Loves You When You're Old And Gay 3.New Directions 4.Someone/Everyone

5.Storm The Reality Studios// 6.Fight Our Way Out Of Here 7.We Got The Message 8.Everyday 9.Into The Future

10.Hold On To Rock'n' Roll 11.Can't Think Straight


v-Bobo Phoenix g-Jeff Parsons b-Andy Linklater d-Tony Carter

Power pop. Broke up after 2nd single. v, g-Phoenix and d-Carter formed the Internationals 3/79 w/ b-Robert Gift and

v, k-Shinny (Shinobu Kanai). Their single 'Here Comes The World/ I Killed Sid Vicious' ever released?



REG-1 Do It Again/ Peep Show/ Aren't People Strange (Regional 1979)


v-Terry Gamwells (ex.Third Reich, 2-3) g-John O'Rourke v, b-Craig Waits d-Graham Hoggar

Also listed Heroes?/ Bored Christine/ Bristol Stomp/ The Dog (Conspiracy CONS-1-7).



K-16812 What A Way To End It All/ Nearly Moonlit Night Motel (Warner 1976)

K-16870 Taxi/ Last Night (Warner 1977)

K-17100 Thunder And Lightning/ Working Girls (Warner 1978)


K-56280 Second Honeymoon (Warner 13/8/76)

1.What A Way To End It All 2.Where's The Weekend? 3.Cocktails At 8 4.Bigger Splash 5.Knock Knock Knocking

6.2nd Honeymoon 7.Get Set Ready Go 8.Nearly Moonlit Night Motel 9.Room Service 10.Hi Jo Hi 11.Snapshots

12.Final Act -rec. 4-7/76


K-56364 Don't Stop The World (Warner 3/77)

1.Don't Stop The World 2.What A Jerk 3.Darling 4.Everything For The Dancer 5.Capaldi's Cafe// 6.Hypertension

7.It's A Boys World 8.Rock Ferry 9.Taxi! 10.Operator


K-56450 English Boys/Working Girls (Warner 2/78)

1.Working Girls 2.Golden Showers 3.Thunder And Lightning 4.What A Week 5.Refugee 6.Ronny Zamora//

7.English Boys (With Guns) 8.All Queued Up 9.I Wanna Be Your Boy 10.Morning After 11.Fire 12. O.Blow


v-Bette Bright (later & the Illuminations, Boxes) v-Enrico Cadillac (aka Steve Allen, later Boxes, Original Mirrors 12/78)

v-Eric Shark g-Clive Langer (later Big In Japan, & the Boxes, Illuminations) b-Steve 'Average' Lindsey (later Big In Japan,

Secrets 9/78, Boxes, Planets '79) k-Max Ripple sax-Ian Ritchie (later Jane Aire & the Belvederes) d-Tim Whittaker

(later Pink Military, Lori & the Chameleons) g, b-Paul Pilnick (ex.Steelers Wheel. In the band 11/75-6/76)


From Liverpool. Modern pop. Formed 1/74. Org. lineup= Cadillac, Langer, Lindsey, Ripple, g-Roy Holder and

four sisters of Bright. Last gig at Empire Club, Liverpool 1/4/78. Lindsey released solo singles as Mr. Average 3/78,

and as Steve Tempo 3/79.




1.Tears Of A Clown 4.I'm Not Like Everybody Else on 'Southend Rock'