70's UK Punk/New Wave Listing =Do

Doctors Of Madness/ Dodgems/ Bunk Dogger/ Dole/ Doll/ Doll By Doll/ Donkeys/ Mick Dorey And The Sirens/

Double Vision/ John Dowie/ Downliners Sect/ Dregs/ Drill/ Drive/ Drones/ Johnny DuCann/ Duffo/ Dunneau/ Dyaks


2058-921 Bulletin/ Waiting (Polydor 1977) -as the Doctors


2383-378 Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms (Polydor 3/76)

1.Waiting 2.Afterglow 3.Mitzi's Cure 4.I Think We're Alone 5.The Noises Of The Evening// 6.Billy Watch Out

7.B-Movie Bedtime 8.Mainlines


2383-403 Figments Of Emancipation (Polydor 1976)

1.Brothers 2.Suicide City 3.Perfect Past// 4.Marie And Joe 5.In Camera 6.Doctors Of Madness 7.Out


2383-472 Sons Of Survival (Polydor 2/78)

1.50's Kids 2.Into The Strange 3.No Limits 4.Bulletin 5.Network// 6.Sons Of Survival 7.Back From The Dead

8.Tripple Vision 9.Kiss Goodbye Tomorrow 10.Cool (Live In The Satin Subway)


v, g, sax-Kid Strange violin-Urban Blitz b-Stoner d-Peter Di Lemma

Underground new wave of pre-punk era. Blitz left right after 3rd LP. Dave Vanian (ex.Damned) joined their tour 3-5/78.

Broke up 10/78. Strange has solo works as Richard Strange, which see.



RB-07-DGM Science Friction (Baby You're So)/ Hard Shoulder

(Attrix 1979)


4.I Don't Care 11.Lord Lucan Is Missing on 'Vaultage 78'


v, g-Doug Potter v, b-Gary Turner k-Paul Birchall d-Charlie Zuber

From Brighton. Punk. Birchall joined '79. Also listed 'Lord Lucan Is Missing/ ----' (Criminal SWAG-12).



Please Don't Tease (RCA 1979) on LDK28.

With One Bound He Was Free (RCA 1979) -punk/power pop.



ULT-402 New Wave Love/ Hungry Men No Longer Steal Sheep But Are There Hanging Judges? (Ultimate 1978)


8.New Wave Love on 'Business Unusual'


v-Em g-Simon Page b-Someone Else k-Pete Howsam d-Paul V

From Peterborough. Punk. Formed 10/77. Later changed their name to the Name, and released a single

'Forget Art Let's Dance/ Misfits' (Din Disc DIN-14 5/80).



BEG-4 Don't Tango On My Heart/ Trash (Beggars Banquet 1978)
BEG-11 Desire Me/ T.V. Addict (Beggars Banquet 1979)

-7" & 12" (the A-side is extended version).

SAM-93 Burning Up Like A Fire/ Desire Me

(Extended Version) (Beggars Banquet 1979)

-bonus single of BEG-11 7".

BEG-26 Cinderella With A Husky Voice/ Because Now (Beggars Banquet 10/79)

BEG-31 You Used To Be My Hero/ Zero Heroes (Beggars Banquet 1979)


BEGA-12 Listen To The Silence (Beggars Banquet 10/79)

1.The Onekiss 2.Zero Heroes 3.Ce Soir, Chéri 4.Cinderella With A Husky Voice 5.Memories 6.You Used To Be My Hero

// 7.True Love 8.Frozen Fire 9.Carmina 10.Listen To The Silence 11.Something Rare, Something Beautiful


1.Trash on 'Streets' -diff. vers.


v, g-Marion Valentine g-James West-Oram b-Christopher Yianni k-Denis Haines d-Paul Turner

Punk/ Modern pop new wave. 1st single lineup= v, g-Baby Doll (=Valentine), b-Whizz Kidd, k-Adonis, d-Mario Watts.



K-17330 The Palace Of Love/ The Fountain Is Red, The Fountain Is White (Automatic 1979)

K-17496 Teenage Lightning/ One Two Blues (Automatic 1979)


K-56618 Remember (Automatic 3/79)

1.Butcher Boy 2.Chances 3.Sleeping Partners// 4.More Than Human 5.Lose Myself 6.Janice 7.The Palace Of Love


K-56755 Gypsy Blood (Automatic 11/79)

1.Teenage Lightning 2.Gypsy Blood 3.Stripshow 4.Human Face 5.Hey Sweetheart// 6.Binary Fiction 7.Hell Games

8.Forbidden Worlds 9.Highland Rain 10.Endgame 11.When A Man Dies


v, g-Jackie Leven g, k-Jo Shaw b-Robin Spreafico d-David McIntosh

Post punk. b-Tony Waite on 2nd LP.



GO APE-2 What I Want/ Four Letters (Rhesus 1979)

-re-issued on Deram DM.R-431 1979.


v, g-Neil Ferguson g-Tony Ferguson b-Dave Owen d-Mark Wellham

From Manchester. Punk/ Power pop. Issued some more singles '80-'81.



ILS-0016 Paranoia Station/ Jacqueline Foster (Illegal 10/79)

Pop new wave.




15.My Dead Mother on 'Avon Calling'


Reggae style of new wave.



VEP-1004 Another Close Shave 1.British Tourist 2.Naked Noolies In The Moonlight 3.I Don't Want To Be Your Amputee//

4.Mew Wave 5.Jim Callaghan 6.Time Warp (Virgin 9/77)

-this single was also contained in 'Short Circuit Live At The Electric Circus' comp. LP.


5.Ance 6.Idiot 7.Hitler's Liver on 'Factory Sampler'


backed up by: g-Dick Nelson b-Gavin Lawson k-Pete Batley d-Jim Bates




RAW-10 Showbiz!/ Killing Me (Raw 1977)


11.Showbiz on 'More From Raw'


v, b-Keith Grant g-Don Craine g-Terry Gibson d-Paul Holm harp-Paul Tiller

60's beat group back as a punk band. Grant, Craine, and Gibson are org. Sects. Also issued an LP as F.U.2, which see.

'79 LP= 'Showbiz' (German Sky SKY-301) is rather a pub rock album, although 2 tracks on FU2 LP are included.



DRO-1 The Dregs EP 1.The Dregs Of Humanity 2.I Am Insane/ 3.Fatal Attraction 4.Schoolgirls In Bondage

(Disturbing 1979) -1 on BSUK2/ 3.4 on RR3/ 1.4 on TT3





Les Drill (Eony 1978) on LDK35. Punk.



RE-46 Jerkin'/ Push'n' Shove (NRG 8/77)


15.Jerkin on 'Streets'


From Dundee, Scotland. Punk.



GOODMIX-1 Temptations Of A White Collar Worker: Lookalikes/

Corgi Crap// Hard On Me/ You'll Lose (O.H.M...S. 5/77)

-rec. 7/4/77. Both on a-side are diff. version from LP. open cover.

VRS-1 Bone Idol/ I Just Want To Be Myself (Valer 10/77)

Be My Baby/ Lift Off The Bans (Valer 1978) -12" DJ promo. Only 150 pressed.

Be My Baby/ The Clique (Valer 1978) -unreleased. Only 250 of demo copies pressed.


VRLP-1 Further Temptations (Valer 12/77)

1.Persecution Complex 2.Bone Idol 3.Movement 4.Be My Baby 5.Corgi Crap 6.Sad So Sad 7.The Change//

8.Lookalikes 9.The Under Dog 10.No More Time 11.City Drones 12.Just Want To Be Myself 13.Lift Off The Bans


11.Lookalikes on 'Streets' -EP version

4.Persecution Complex (live) on 'Short Circuit Live At The....'


v, g-M.J.Drone g-Gus Gangrene b-Steve Cundall d-Pete Howells

From Manchester. Punk. Howells joined JJ Burnel's band '79. Single 'Can't See' (Fabulous JC-3 1982).



Throw Hin In Jail (Arista 1977) on LDK32. Punk.

6059-241 Don't Be A Dummy (Vertigo 1979) -as John Du Cann. Pop new wave.



BEG-15 Give Me Back Me Brain/ Duff Record (Beggars Banquet 3/79)

BEG-20 Tower Of Madness/ Duffo (I'm A Genius) (Beggars Banquet 6/79)


BEGA-5 Duffo (Beggars Banquet 2/79)

1.Tower Of Madness 2.Chelsea Cowgirls 3.Duff Record 4.Record Jerk 5.Guillotine Quickstep 6.Duffo (I'm A Genius)

7.Give Me Back Me Brain// 8.(We're All) Charabancing 9.I'm Not Really Here 10.Rise In Your Levis 11.Duff Odyssey

12.Déjame Joder Tu Mente 13.The Final Brain


backed up by: g-David Herzog b-Michael Howlett piano-Nicholas Cola d-Peter Dobson

Org. from Australia. Modern pop new wave. 2nd LP= 'The Disappearing Boy' (PVK PUK-2 5/80).



SJP-797 On My Own/ The System (Clubland 1979) -punk.



BONE-2 Gutter Kids/ It's A Game (Bonaparte 3/78) -1 on BSUK4.


v, g-Chris Reeves b-Groll Evans d-Brian Nevill

Power pop.