70's UK Punk/New Wave Listing =Leo-

Leopards/ Les Elite/ Leyton Buzzards/ LFB/ Licks/ Lillettes/ Limps/ Lines/ Lip Moves/ Little Bo Bitch


W-103 Strange Rhythmical Music/ Veronica (Warped 1979)


Jeanne, Kevin, Ian, Rod, Claire





11.Career Girls on '499 2139'


v-Chris Grierson g-Alick Letort b-John Kiely d-David Crossley




SMALL-7 19 And Mad// Villian/ Youthanasia (Small Wonder 7/78)

CHS-2288 Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees/ Through With You (Chrysalis 2/79)

CHS-2328 I'm Hanging Around// I Don't Want To Go To Art School/ No Dry Ice Or Flying Pigs (Chrysalis 1979)

CHS-2360 We Make A Noise/ Disco Romeo (Chrysalis 8/79) -as the Buzzards.


CHR-1213 Jellied Eels To Record Deals (Chrysalis 10/79) -as the Buzzards.

1.Sharp Young Men 2.Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees 3.I Don't Want To Go To Art School 4.British Justice

5.The Greatest Story Ever Told 6.Land Of The Free 7.I'm Hanging Around 8.Can't Get Used To Losing You//

9.Sweet Dreams Little One 10.Mixed Marriages 11.We Make A Noise 12.19 And Mad 13.People On The Street

14.Disco Romeo 15.Through With You 16.No Dry Ice Or Flying Pigs 17.Baby If You Love Me Say Yes If You Don't

Say No (12= same version as Small Wonder EP)


v-Geoff Deane g-Vernon Austin b-David Jaymes d-Kevin Steptoe

Punk. Formed late '77. g-Dave Monk on 1st single.



FAM-1 Dreamseller/ Certain Politicians (Family 1978) -rec. 5/4/78.


v, g-Paul Goodyear g-Kevin Bache b-Keith Mullard v, d-Stephen Archibald

Long-haired punk. Also known as Laissez Faire.



BEAT-8 1970's Have Been Made In Hong Kong// System Rejects/ Hitler's Still A Nazi/Warcrimes (Stortbeat 11/79)


v-Col Latter v, g-Kev Hunter b-Derek Birkett d-Rich Coveney

From Harrow. Punk. Formerly the Epileptics. Re-issued the EP as the Epileptics (Spider Leg SDL-1 1981).




7.Hey Operator 8.Nervous Wreck on 'Vaultage 79'


Power pop.



MC-1 Opposite Sides EP: Circa 2 + more?// (other side by NO SUPPORT) (Matchbox Classics 1979) -on BSUK4.

MC-2 Another Matchbox Classic EP: (trax not known b/w NO SUPPORT) (Matchbox Classic 1979)


From Carisle. Punk.



SJP-782 White Night/ Barbican (Linear 1978)

-re-issue Illegal ILS-0011 1978.

RS-001 On The Air// Not Through Windows/

Dance For A Drop Of Blood (Red 1979)


v-Richard Conning g-Hywel Phillips b-Joe Forty d-Pete Harker

Alternative punk. LP= 'Therapy' (Fresh/Red FRESH LP-7/ROUGE-2 11/81).



HP-1 Guest/ What Is (Ticonderoga 9/79) -1 on BSUK3.


v, g-Andy Wallace v, g-Simon Vincent v, b-Andy Stacey v, d-Dave Atkin

From Southampton area. Punk.



COB-1 It's Only Love/ I'm Confused (Cobra 1979)

COB-4 Take It Easy (Cobra)


CBR-1002 Little Bo Bitch (Cobra/EMI 1979)

1.Take It Easy 2.The Lover 3.Hot Summer 4.New Town 5.Lonely Boys 6.I'm Confused// 7.It's Only Love

8.Annoying All The Neighbours 9.Heart Breaker 10.I Want Your Love 11.Slow Song 12.Stay Alive -prod.by Andy Arthurs.


v-Tony Watson g-Steve Carroll b-Bob Wainwright k-Demot Moughan d-Terry Reece

Power pop.