70's UK Punk/New Wave Listing =Me

Meanies/ Mean Street/ Media/ Mediaters/ Medium Medium/ Mekons/ Members/ Menace/ Mental/ Mental Errors/

Merton Parkas/ Metal Urbain/ Method/ Metro/ Metrophase


VD-002 Waiting For You/ It's True (Vendetta 1979) -both on RR2/ 1 on LDK14.

v, g-Steve Gray g-Keef Purkis v, b-Dave Jenkins d-Malcolm Oldham




NES-115 (Can't Wait Till '78 by the WASPS)/ Bunch Of Stiffs (NEMS 1978) -cut from 'Live At The Vortex' LP.<


2.Bunch Of Stiffs on 'Live At The Vortex'


Punk. Gary Numan once in this band. Numan had left before this recording.



TA-001 No Darling, I Love The Media EP: TV Kids/ Don't Sit Back/ Getting High/

Rose'n' Crown (Tearaway 7/79) -1 on LDK21/ 3 on BSUK3.


From Portsmouth. Punk. 'South Coast City Rockers/ Back On The Beach Again' (Brain Booster's Music BB-004 1980).




7.Monotony on 'A Manchester Collection'


Alternative punk.



SAP-01 Them Or Me/ Freeze (Apt 1979)


v, sax, horns-John Lewis v, g-Andy Ryder b-Allan Turton d-Nigel Stone sound-Graham Spink

From Nottingham. Alternative punk. Formed fall '78. Stone later replaced by Steve Harvey. LP= 'The Glitterhouse'

(Cherry Red BRED-19 10/81).



FAST-1 Never Been In A Riot/ 32 Weeks/ Heart And Soul (Fast 20/1/78) -rec. 29, 30/10/77

FAST-7 Where Were You?/ I'll Have To Dance Then

(On My Own) (Fast 29/11/78) -rec. 20/10/78

VS-300 Work All Week/ Unknown Wrecks (Virgin 5/10/79)


V-2143 The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strnen (Virgin 30/11/79)

1.Like Spoons No More 2.Join Us In The Countryside 3.Rosanne 4.After 6 5.What Are We Going To Do Tonight 7.What

8.Watch The Film 9.Beetroot 10.I Saw You Dancing 11.Lonely And Wet 12.Dan Dare


1.Never Been In A Riot 2.Heart And Soul 3.32 Weeks 13.I'll Have To Dance Then (On My Own) 14.Where Were You?

on 'Fast Product'


v-Mark White v-Andy Carrigan g-Kevin Lycett g-Tom Greenhalgh b-Mary Jenner d-Jon Langford

From Leeds. Punk/ Alternative punk. Org. b-Ross Allen left to join Delta 5.



OFF-3 Solitary Confinement/ Rat Up A Drainpipe (Stiff 3/78)

VS-242 The Sound Of The Suburbs/ Handling The Big Jets (Virgin 1/79)

VS-248 Offshore Banking Business/ Pennies In The Pounds// Solitary Confinement (Virgin 3/79) -7" & 12". 'Solitary' is

Stiff single version.

VS-292 Killing Time/ G.L.C. (Virgin 9/79)


V-2120 At Chelsea Nightclub (Virgin 4/79)

1.Electricity 2.Sally 3.Soho-A-Go-Go 4.Don't Push 5.Solitary Confinement// 6.Frustrated, Bagshot 7.Stand Up And Spit

8.The Sound Of The Suburbs 9.Phone-In Show 10.Love In A Lift 11.Chelsea Nightclub (rec. live in Hammersmith 3/12/78)

-guest: Steve 'Rudi' Thompson (ex.X-Ray Spex) on sax.


2.Fear On The Streets on 'Streets'


v-Nicky Tesco g-J.C. g-Nigel Bennett b-Chris Payne d-Adrian Lillywhite

Punk/ Power pop. Payne replaced org. bassist 10/77. Org. g-Gary Baker replaced by Bennett after 1st single.

2nd LP= '1980-The Choice Is Yours' (V-2153 4/80).



IL-004 Screwed Up/ Insane Society (Illegal 10/77) -7" & 12"

IL-008 I Need Nothing/ Electrocutioner (Illegal 1978)
SMALL-5 G.L.C./ I'm Civilised (Small Wonder 4/78)

SMALL-16 Last Year's Youth/ Carry No Banners (Small Wonder 1979)


v-Morgan Webster g-Steve Tannett b-Charlie Casey d-Noel Martin

Punk. Released after broke up 'The Young Ones// Tomorrow's World/ Live For Today' (Fresh FRESH-14 1980)

-rec. 10/78. Tannett, Casey and Martin later formed the Aces, and backed Vermillion's 2nd single, and also issued their own

single 'One Way Street/ Why Should It Be Mine' on ETC (ETC-01 1981).



God For A Day EP (Kamikaze 1979) -'Kill The Bill' on BSUK3.


From Basingstoke. Punk. Also listed 'Off The Rails' (RAM-001).




5.Irrelevance on 'Spectacular Commodity' -From Paisley. Punk.



BEG-22 You Need Wheels/ I Don't Want To Know You (Beggars Banquet 1979)

BEG-25 Plastic Smile/ ---- (Beggars Banquet 1979)

BEG-30 Give It To Me Now/ GI's Sit (Beggars Banquet 1979)


BEGA-11 Face In The Crowd (Beggars Banquet 1979)

1.Face In The Crowd 2.Plastic Smile 3.Empty Room 4.Tears Of A Clown 5.Hard Times 6.Silent People// 7.When Will It Be

8.Give It To Me Now 9.You Need Wheels 10.You Should Be So Lucky 11.I Don't Want To Know You 12.Steppin' Stone


v, piano-Mick Talbot v, g-Danny Talbot b-Neil Hurrell d-Simon Smith




ADA-20 Hysterie Connective/ Pas Poubelle (Rough Trade/Radar 1978)

RT-001 Paris Maquis/ Cle De Contact (Rough Trade 1978)


v-Claude Panik g-Hermann Schwarz g-Nancy Luger syn, rhythm box-Eric Debris

French punk. Formed '77. Split into Metal Boys and Doctor Mix & The Remix in '79, both have singles on Rough Trade.

LP= 'Les Hommes Mort Sont Dangereux' (Byzz BLPS-8101 9/80). Also issues in France.



DUN-1 Kings On The Corner/ Dynamo (Do It 1977)

-Punk w/ sax.




EMC-3295 New Love (EMI 3/79)

1.Cut-Up 2.Now I Wanna Dance 3.I Don't Wanna Dance 4.New Love 5.Madness Is A Virtue// 6.Girls In Love

7.Underworld 8.Christine 9.The Mystery 10.Woman Zone


v-Peter Godwin g-Colin Wight g-Sean Lyons b-Tony Adams d-John Laforge

Modern pop new wave. Originally duo of Godwin and Duncan Brown, released LP on Transatlantic '76.

3rd LP= 'Future Imperfect' (Germany Metronome 1980).



PHASE-1/FRESH-6 In Black// Neobeaty/ Cold Rebellion (Neo London/Fresh 1979)


v, g-Nikki Mapp v, g, syn, rhythm machine-Steev Burgess b-Simon Slider

Listed as synth punk. Incl. two from the Swell Maps.