70's UK Punk/New Wave Listing =Mop

Johnny Moped/ Moral Support/ Morris & The Minors/ Moskow/ Most/ Elton Motello/ Mothmen/ Motors/ Mr.Chipps/

Mud Hutters/ Muggins Blight/ Murder The Disturbed/ Mutants


NS-15 No One/ Incendiary Device (Chiswick 1977)
NS-27 Darling, Let's Have Another Baby//

Something Else/ It Really Digs (Chiswick 4/78)

NS-41 Little Queenie/ Hard Lovin' Man (Chiswick 7/78)


WIK-8 Cycledelic (Chiswick 5/78)

0.Mystery Track 1.V.D.Boiler 2.Panic Button 3.Little Queenie 4.Maniac 5.Darling, Let's Have Another Baby

6.Groovy Ruby// 7.3D Time 8.Wee Wee 9.Make Trouble 10.Wild Breed 11.Hell Razor 12.Incendiary Device


7.Hard Loving Man on 'The Roxy London WC2'

3.No One on 'Long Shots Dead Certs....'


v-Johnny Moped g-Slimey Toad b-Fred Berk d-Dave Berk

Punk. Org. g-Captain Sensible (1/77) left 3/77, then added Toad and g-Sissy Bar who left 1/78 to join the Moors

Murderers. See inner bag of the LP for complete family tree.



Just Where It's At Tonight/ Sin (Round 1979) -power pop. on LDK9.



MOR-1 State The Obvious: Emily /Falling Asleep// I Get Scared/ (Can't Smoke A Fag) In The Rain (Round 1979)

-3 on TT5. Pop punk.



SRS-2103 Man From Uncle/ White Black (Moskow 1978) -1 on TT1.


4.Too Much Commotion on 'Avon Calling'


v-David Ashmore g-David Cole b-Trevor Flynn k-Michael Matthews d-Jan Kalicki

From Bristol. Progressive type of punk.



SRTS/79/CUS-570 Carefree/ In And Out (SRT 1979) -1000 copies. 1 on BT3/LDK18.

v-Ashley Pace v, g-Stuart (Dennis) Walton b-Ian Vickerton v, d-Malcolm Train

From Hornsea. Punk. Formed in '78.



LIG-508 Jet Boy Jet Girl/ Pogo Pogo (Lightning 2/78) -1 on LDK14. 2 dif. versions of lyrics w/ dif. sleeves.


4B064-61659 Victim Of Time (RKM 1978)

1.Victim Of Time 2.I Am The Marshal 3.Jet Boy Jet Girl 4.He's A Rebel 5.He's Crying 6.Pipe Line// 7.Get The Guy

8.Tuttie Fruttie Alice 9.Teen Pimp 10.Sha La La La Lee 11.Artificial Incemination 12.Pogo Pogo 13.Apocalipstic





ABSURD-6 Does It Matter Irene?/ Please Let Go (Absurd 1979)


v, g, b, violin-Tony Bowers v, g, b, organ-Bob Harding g, b-David Rowbotham d-Chris Joyce

Alternative. LP= 'Pay Attention' (On-U Sounds ON-U-LP-2 1980).



VS-186 Dancing The Night Away/ Whisky And Wine (Virgin 9/77)

VS-194 Be What You Gotta Be/ You Beat The Hell Outta Me (Virgin 11/77)

VS-206 Sensation/ The Day I Found A Fiver (Virgin 4/78)

VS-219 Airport// Cold Love/ Be What You Gotta Be (Virgin 1978) -7" (w/o 'Be What You Gotta Be') & 12"

VS-222 Forget About You// Picturama/ The Middle Bit/ Soul Surrender (Virgin 8/78) -7" & 12"

VS-236 Today/ Here Comes The Hustler (Virgin 1978)


V-2089 The Motors 1 (Virgin 9/77)

1.Dancing The Night Away 2.Freeze 3.Cold Love 4.Phoney Heaven

5.Bring In The Morning Light 6.Emergency 7.Whisky And Wine 8.Summertime (Is Calling)


V-2101 Approved By The Motors (Virgin 6/78)

1.Airport 2.Mama Rock'n' Roller 3.Forget About You 4.Do You Mind 5.You Beat The Hell Outta Me 6.Breathless

7.Soul Redeemer 8.Dreaming Your Life Away 9.Sensation 10.Today -rec. 2/78


1.You Beat The Hell Outta Me on 'Guillotine'

3.Whisky And Wine on 'Presented Free By Record Mirror'

14.Dancing The Night Away on 'Catch A Wave'

1.Dancing The Night Away on 'Dead On Arrival'


v, g-Nick Garvey (ex.Ducks Deluxe) v, b-Andy McMaster (ex.Ducks Deluxe) g-Bram Tchaikovsky d-Rick Slaughter

(ex.Snakes, later Art Attacks 3/78)

Power pop. Formed 2/77. Org. g-Rob Hendry (ex.Nashville Teens, Renaissance) replaced by BT 5/77. BT left suumer '78

to form his own band. RS also left after that. The band once broke up, but reformed by NG and AM in '79, and released

3rd LP= 'Tenament Steps' (V-2151 1980).



The Way I Am (Spiral 1977) on LDK34. pub punk.



NATO-1 Information: No God/ Nice Guy/Left Right//

All About/ Neolithic Dub (Defensive/Dead Good 1979)

NATO-2 Declaration: Water Torture/ Chances/ Stabbings//

Fragments/ Danger/ It Doesn't Seem To Help Now (Defensive/Dead Good 1979)


v, organ-Muddy Moon g-Muddy Malc b-Muddy Ben d, organ-Muddy Mick




Mr.Somebody// They Go Up! They Go Down!/ Malcolm Where's The Talcum? (Look 1979)

-3 on LDK10. Punk.



SMALL-17 Genetic Disruption EP: D.N.A./ Walking Corpses//

The Ultimate System (Small Wonder 1979)


v-John Farrer g-Steve Zodiac b-Chris Morday d-Foster Nevans




ROX-002 Boss Man/ Back Yard Boys (Rox 1977)
ROX-005 Hard Time// School Teacher/ Lady (Rox 1978)


v-Sweet William g-Keith Steele g-Roddie Rodent b-Al Sation d-Paul Pleasant

Punk. Steele left after 1st single.