70's UK Punk/New Wave Listing =O

Obtainers/ O-Level/ 101'ers/ Only Ones/ Open Sore/ Oral Exciters/ Original Mirrors/ Oscillators/ Wavis O'Shave/ Others/

Out/ Peter Out & The Faders/ Outcasts/ Outsiders


GLITCH-1 Yeh Yeh Yeh/ Pussy Wussy// (Lifeblood/ Bombs by MAG/SPYS) (Fools Dance 1979) -100 copies only.


v-Nick Loot v, d-Robin Banks

Two 11 years old boys, singing and drumming. On Robert Smith (Cure) 's own label.



PSYCHO-1 East Sheen / Pseudo Punk (Psycho 1978)
KR-002 We Love Malcolm/ Leave Me// Everybody's On Revolver

Tonite/ Stairway To Boredom (King's Road 1979)


lineup listed on 1st single) v, g-Ian Gaffney g-John McKintosh b-Tom Hartigan d-Jim Horne

Raw pop punk. In fact, Ed Ball (TV Personalities), John Bennett and Gerry Bennett (both later formed Reacta). Ball later

formed Teenage Filmstars, which see.



NS-3 Keys To Your Heart/ 5 Star Rock & Roll Petrol (Chiswick 6/76) -1 on LDK19


1.Keys To Your Heart on Submarine Tracks & Fool's Gold


v, g-Joe Strummer (later Clash) g-Clive Timperlee (later Passions) b-Dan Kelleher (later Martian Schoolgirls)

d-Richard Dudanski (later Raincoats, PIL)

1st gig at the Telegraph in Brixton 9/7/74. Broke up 3/76.

Also released 'Sweet Revenge/ Rabies (From The Dogs Of Love)' (Big Beat/Chiswick NS-63 2/81) and LP 'Elgin Ave

Breakdown' (Andalucia AND-101 9/81, rec. '75-'76).



VEN-001 Lovers Of Today/ Peter And The Pets (Vengeance 6/77)

CBS-6228 Another Girl, Another Planet/ Special View (CBS 4/78) -7" & 12"

CBS-7086 You've Got To Pay/ This Ain't All

(It's Made Out To Be) (CBS 3/79)

CBS-7285 Out There In The Night// Lovers Of Today/ Peter And The Pets (CBS 4/79) -12"

CBS-7963 Trouble In The World/ Your Chosen Life (CBS 9/79)


CBS-82830 The Only Ones (CBS 4/78)

1.The Whole Of The Law 2.Another Girl, Another Planet 3.Breaking Down 4.City Of Fun 5.The Beast//

6.Creature Of Doom 7.It's The Truth 8.Language Problem 9.No Peace For The Wicked 10.The Immortal Story


CBS-83451 Even Serpents Shine (CBS 3/79)

1.From Here To Eternity 2.Flaming Torch 3.You've Got To Pay 4.No Solution 5.Inbetweens 6.Out There In The Night//

7.Curtains For You 8.Programme 9.Someone Who Cares 10.Miles From Nowhere 11.Instrumental


16.Creatures Of Doom (live) on 'Hope & Anchor Front Raw Festival'

6.Another Girl, Another Planet on 'That Summer'

6.Another Girl, Another Planet 9.Lovers Of Today on 'Permanent Wave'


v, g-Peter Perrett g-John Perry b-Alan Mair d-Mike Kellie (ex.Spooky Tooth)

Formed 8/76. 3rd LP= 'Baby's Got A Gun' (CBS-84089 6/80).




13.Vertigo on 'Farewell To The Roxy'





It's A Holiday (Three Elms 1979) on LDK30. Power pop.



6007-245 Could This Be Heaven/ Night Of The Angels (Mercury 11/79)


v, g, piano-Steve Allen (ex.Deaf School, Boxes) g-Ian Broudie (ex.Big In Japan, Secrets 9/78, Illuminations)

b-Phil Spalding k-Jonathan Perkins (ex.Helium Kids, XTC) d-Pete Kircher (ex.Shanghai)

Post punk new wave. Formed 12/78. LP= 'Original Mirrors' (910-2039 1980). Broudie also in Jaqui & Jeanette.



Leonard Cheshire/ Fast Breeder Reactor (Warren 1979)



CR-003 Denis Smokes Tabs (John Is A Figroll): Denis Smokes Tabs/ Mauve Shoes Are Awful/ You Think You're A

Woman Because You Don't Eat Fishcakes// Don't Crush Bees To Death With The End Of Your Walking Stick/ The Figroll

Song/ Oh Peter Oh Steven (Company 1979)


v-Wavis O'Shave g-King Cad b-Rick Woolgar d-Terry Welbourn backing v-Hatt two stings-Hat's Dad

Only 5th track is punk, others are parody things. LP= Anna Ford's Bum (Wavis O'Shave's Album) (Anti Pop AP-2 1980).



NIK-4 Birmingham Reggie/ Lemmings Die Young (City 1978)


v-Phil Swinburne g-Pete Hodges g-Dave Stainforth b-Chris Hollinshead d-John Bulloch

Punk. Also listed 'It's Alright' (Kingston Upon Thames 1978).



TOSH-113 Who Is Innocent/ Linda's Just A Statue (Rabid 1979) -re-issue Virgin VS-308 1979.


From Manchester. Punk/power pop.




4.Need You (Oh Yeah) on 'Aylesbury Goes Flaccid'





IT-4 Frustration/ You're A Disease/ Don't Want To Be No Adult (It 3/78)

GOT-3 Just Another Teenage Rebel/ Love Is For Sops (Good Vibrations 8/78)

GOT-17 Self Conscious Over You/ Love You For Never (Good Vibrations 11/79)


BIG-1 Self Conscious Over You (Good Vibrations 1979)

1.Self Conscious Over You 2.Clinical Love 3.One Day 4.Love Is For Sops 5.You're A Disease// 6.Love You For Never

7.The Princess Grew Up A Frog 8.Cyborg 9.School Teacher 10.Spiteful Sue 11.The Cops Are Comin' -rec. 6/4/79


1.The Cops Are Comin' on 'Battle Of The Bands' -diff. vers.

3.Just Another Teenage Rebel on 'Business Unusual'


v, b-Greg Cowan g-Getty g-Martin Cowan d-Colin Cowan

From Belfast. Punk.



RER-002 One To Infinity: One To Infinity/ New Uniform//

Freeway/ Consequences (Raw Edge 1977)

---- Vital Hours/ Take Up (Xciting Plastic 5/78)


RER-001 Calling On Youth (Raw Edge 1977)

1.Calling On Youth 2.Break Free 3.On The Edge 4.Hit And Run 5.Start Over// 6.Weird 7.I'm Screwed Up

8.Walking Through A Storm 9.Terminal Case


RER-003 Close Up (Raw Edge 1978)

1.Vital Hours 2.Observations 3.Fixed Up 4.Touch And Go 5.White Debt 6.Count For Something// 7.Out Of Place

8.Keep The Pain Inside 9.Face To Face 10.Semi-detached Life 11.Conspiracy Of War


5.Consequences on 'Business Unusual'


v, g-Adrian Borland b-Bob Lawrence d-Adrian Janes

Formed in Wimbledon '73. Punk. Lawrence replaced by Graham Green after 2nd LP.