70's UK Punk/New Wave Listing =Pa

Pack/ Pallas/ Panik/ Paranoia/ Paranoids/ Parrots/ Passage/ Passengers/ Passions/ Pathetix/ Penetration/

Peter & The Test Tube Babies


PAK-1 Brave New Soldiers/ Heathen (SS 1979)

RT-025 King Of Kings/ Number 12 (Rough Trade 1979)


v-Kirk Brandon g-Simon Werner b-Jonathan Werner d-Jim Walker (ex.PIL)

Pre Theatre Of Hate. Loud punk. Org. d-Rab Fay Beith (ex.Wall). 'Long Live The Past EP' (Cyclops CYCLOPS-1 4/82)

incl. demos rec. 8/8/78: Thalidomide/ King Of Kings/ St.Teresa/ Abattoir.



PAL-101 Reds Under The Beds (Sueycide 1978) -4 track EP. No details.



SHOT-1 It Won't Sell: Modern Politics// Urban Damnation/ Murder

(Rainy City 11/77)


v, g-Nance g-Random b-Hilton d-B'dale (aka Steve Brotherdale, ex.Warsaw= first version of Joy Division)

From Manchester. Punk. Split up before the end of '77. Steve joined V2 12/77. Nance also joined V2 '78.




'Money=Time' on The Voxhall Tracks-Luton -on TT3





FIRE-4 Anticipation/ T.V. Heroes (Hurricane 1979)

FIRE-8 Stupid Guy/ Road To Ruin (Hurricane 1979)

Pop/Power pop. 3rd single= 'The Love Job' (FIRE-14 1980).




8.Larger Than Life 9.Vicious Circle on 'Vaultage 78'


From Brighton. Pop new wave. 5 pieces incl. loan d-Ken Hogg (Nicky & The Dots). Also listed 12" EP in 1980.



OM-02 New Love Songs: Love Song/ Competition// Slit Machine/

New Kind Of Love (Object Music 12/78)

OM-08 About Time: Taking My Time/ Clock Paradox//

Sixteen Hours/ Time Delay (Object Music 1979)

-prod. by David Cunningham. lyric sheet 1. lyric sheet 2.


v, g, b-Tony Friel (ex.Fall) k-Lorraine Hilton d-Dick Witts

From Manchester. Alternative punk w/ k. LP= 'Pindrop (Bag Of Nerves)' (OBJ-011 fall 1980).



Something About You/ Two Lovers (no label 1979) -power pop. 2 on LDK20.

EPC-7967 Two Lovers/ Love Fades (Epic 1979)



SH-5 Needles And Pills/ Body And Soul (Soho 1979)
FICS-008 Hunted/ Oh No It's You (Fiction 1979)


v-Mitch Baker v, g-Barbara Gogan g-Clive Timperley (ex.101'ers) b-Claire Black d-Richard Williams

Alternative punk. After 1st single, Baker left, and Claire Bidwell replaced Claire Black. LP= 'Michael And Miranda'

(FIX-3 4/80).



NO-001 Aleister Crowley/ Don't Touch My Machine/ Snuffed It (No 1978)

TJM-9 Love In Decay// Nil Carborundum + more (TJM 1979) -2 on KBD666


From Lancashire. Punk. Later changed their name to Citizen UK, issued a single and a cassette.



VS-192 Don't Dictate/ Money Talks (Virgin 10/77)

VS-213 Firing Squad/ NeverR (Virgin 5/78)

VS-226 Life's A Gamble/ V.I.P. (Virgin 10/78)

VS-257 Danger Signs// Stone Heroes/ Vision (Virgin 4/79) -7" (w/o 'Vision') & 12". B-side rec. live at Thames

Polythechnic, Woolwich 16/12/78.

VS-268 Come Into The Open/ Lifeline (Virgin 17/8/79)


V-2109 Moving Targets (Virgin 10/78)

1.Future Daze 2.Life's A Gamble 3.Lovers Of Outrage 4.Vision 5.Silent Community 6.Stone Heroes// 7.Movement

8.Too Many Friends 9.Reunion 10.Nostalgia 11.Free Money


V-2131 Coming Up For Air (Virgin 14/9/79)

1.Shout Above The Noise 2.She Is The Slave 3.Last Saving Grace 4.Killed In The Rush 5.Challenge//

6.Come Into The Open 7.What's Going On? 8.Party's Over 9.On Reflection 10.Lifeline 11.New Recruit


PEN-1 Race Against Time (Clifdayn 1979)

1.Duty Free Technology 2.Firing Squad 3.Race Against Time 4.In The Future 5.Free Money 6.Never Never 7.V.I.P.

8.Silent Community 9.Don't Dictate// 10.Come Into The Open 11.Movement 12.Lovers Of Outrage 13.She Is The Slave

14.Too Many Friends 15.Killed In The Rush 16.Danger Signs -authorized bootleg. A-side= demos 1977- 1/78/ B-side

10.- 15.= rec. live in Newcastle 12/78- 10/79/ 16.= Unreleased studio version.


2.Don't Dictate on 'Guillotine'

4.Firing Squad on 'Dead On Arrival'


v-Pauline Murray g-Neale Floyd g-Fred Purser b-Robert Blamire d-Gary Smallman

Punk/ Punk w/ modern pop sense. Split up 11/79. Murray went to solo w/ Blamire. LP= 'Pauline Murray' (Illusive/RSO

2394-277 1980) w/ guest John Maher (Buzzcocks) Vini Reilly (Durutti Column) etc.




7.Elvis Is Dead on 'Vaultage 78'


v-Peter g-Derek b-Chris d-Trev

From Brighton. Punk.