one of the good guys

the story of me

To party or not to party - that's a stupid question.I was born and raised in a small village called Hyssna in the south west part of Sweden. After a happy childhood I grew up and started to work on my bachelor degree in electrical engineering at Högskolan i Borås. After some hard studies, basketball, aerobics and DJing at club Rabalder I earned my degree summer of 1995. I decided to go to Orlando, Florida, USA to start studying at the University of Central Florida. That's when I started go to the gym, play tennis and beach volley and continue my aerobics. After two years I earned my master's degree in electrical engineering - specialization in communication - in May 1997. I got a job at AT&T Wireless Services as an Associate RF Engineer. In October of 1998 I changed job and started as a technical educator and course developer at Lucent Technologies. In May 2004 I packed my bags, and with tears in my eyes said goodbye to my friends and went back to Sweden in search for new challenges and opportunities.

I love sunshine, happiness, optimistic people, movies, and music. I am a hard-core collector of the group New Order and I have my own web-page for the group M People, the Elegant Sofa. I also get a rush out of  modern dance music as well as cool tracks from the 50's and 60's.

I am fluent in Swedish and consider myself pretty fluent in English. I've studied German for five years and have tried to learn Spanish. My goal in my language studies is to learn Italian - one of these days..