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photo album


Welcome to my on-line photo album. On the following pages you will find a variety of photos of friends and family as well as pictures of some other more or less interesting objects. If you want a copy of a photo you know how to reach me.

I am currently updating this entire photo album by re-organizing and adding the latest photos. Due to limited server-space at this server, I have to store the latest photos on another server. So when you click on the links below a new window will take you to the other server. This window will stay in the background. Let me know of any problems or broken links. And accept my apologies for the annoying ads...

I also have a "Photo Hall of Fame" with photos that are too good, too precious, or too funny to take off-line. These photos are stored on this server, which means that a new window won't pop up when you look at them.

Most, if not all, photos are taken by me. Photos between 1996 and 2002 are most likely taken with a Canon IXUS/Elph and scanned with a crappy scanner. I've been digital since 2002 and the photos are probably taken with a Canon PowerShot S30.

Enjoy the show.