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Photos that should be too old to be on display but too good to be removed....


"vi bor på landet" In the year of 2003, four friends celebrated a total of 120 years in existence. The event was honored with a big party for friends and family on Midsummer's Eve. mmmm, mumma A little drink to loosen up before the dinner...

Team Party

The party people. They fell for each other Beautiful. Warning: singing and drinking may harm your health.
I believe I can fly Jonas warms up everyone with some aerobics. Then we dance traditional Swedish dances, including I'm Blue Da Da Di... Blue eyes Nothing beats a good hangover the day after the night before.


Stinging like a bee November 2003: Most of the roads in Bombay have dynamic bandwidths - but buses have the right of way. The devil is in the details Driving consists of politely honking the horn to ask whatever is in front of the car (including animals) to move aside. That's why it says "Honk Ok Please."
A real shack There are a lot of contrasts - luxury homes with tons of marble, and across the street desperately constructed shacks. It's hard to take in. Toilet or not toilet, that's the question. Going to the restroom is an... "adventure" - especially for #2. In America this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. In India this is "no problem!"
The Tux and me Following the tradition from New Zealand, I needed a picture of me and a penguin...
This penguin is unfortunately used as a trashcan.
Gazongas!! In the Kanheri Caves there are a lot of caves and sculptures. I guess they didn't need silicone back then...
Big feet, big... Priests were living in the caves. Al is standing in front of a very big Buddah, grabbing firmly at the toe so that he won't fall in amazement. Tourist-trap On February 28, 1948, the last British troops ceremonially left India through the Gateway of India to emphasize India's new independence.
When the troops had passed through the crowds started singing Auld Lang Syne.
Bite me Now, the Gateway of India is a tourist-trap... This guy was playing with two cobras. He got bitten. Crowded There are many luxurious hotels in India. This is the Taj Mahal Hotel in downtown Bombay.
Skin-tax And street-vendors everywhere. And autorickshaws (made by Bajaj.) Sex, lice, and videotapes. The lone Grandpa Monkey looking after his family.


Nice colors Melissa and me at the (Swedish) Christmas Party 2003. A sleeping bear(d) José apparently had too much Christmas food. Or was it glögg?
Self-portrait The ever so cute little Lisa is taking pictures... Click ...and her mom, Sharen, is having a Kodak moment. Wait a minute, she's photographing me!
Kids today... On Evelyn's Babyshower 2003, we guys were forced to participate. Man, it sucks having to attend a happening with free food, beer, and lots of women... Gloria has no name-tag Alex and Gloria are discussing the latest technological advancements in medical science.
One for mommy Ahh, free beer. Now we're talking. The grownups are playing. Alex is feeding Chrille some liquid bread. Throw the bad gifts in the bag And of course the mother (and father) to be has to receive (apparently really funny) gifts.

_weddings & baptisms_

The bald and the beautiful In September of 2003, John and Laura got married in New Jersey. The circle was now completed... It's all relatives The stunning bride and her (almost) equally stunning mother.
Mmmmmm My two ladies to the table, Michelle and Danielle, and Laura herself. Three lovely ladies Laura, her charming daughter, and her friend.
Cool by the pool The Johansson's (and then some) by the fountain. Alana, Sandy, Nina, Anders, Amanda, and Melissa. "Hey girl, seen any grapes around?" Nina and Anneli hanging out in the church.
Don Correa - the God-father Melissa and Harold, the proud god-parents. "I can eat anyone under the table" But best of all were the grapes.


Ice-man Hanging out at Furusjö. The winter of 2002 brought perfect skating-ice on the lakes. 'Twas a cold winter night My house on a cold winter afternoon.
The boys on ice And the kidz hafta skejt. mirror image The Ivarsson family is walking on water
toy-boy The cat is enjoying some company, even though it's just a doll... lots of experience My grandmother and her son.
900 years old The old church in Hyssna, from the 10th century. 60 years old My dad is bowling to celebrate his 60th birthday.
It's all relatives My aunt and cousins. Dane, Ann, Gunilla, and Isa. Green fingers The Swedish King's butler, Claes and my mom discussing gardening issues.
Macho man I'm hanging out in front of Lilla-Sjö. Kool man Gunilla and Ann are celebrating my birthday.
Venezuleiansk pudding Deb and Sharon visited me to sample my cooking. They left satisfied. The spirit in the sky My good friend at Sun Key.