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Recipes from my personal menu.


Frödjs Goda Siktebröd (Frödjs Tasty Shiftbread)

50 g (1.75 oz) fresh yeast (or 3/4 oz dry yeast)
50 g (1.75 oz) margarine
1/2 dl (1/5 cup) oil
1/2 dl (1/5 cup) light syrup or honey
7 1/2 dl (3 cups) milk
some salt
1/2 dl (1/5 cup) sugar
2 l (8 cups) flour

1. Melt the margarine, add oil, syrup and milk. Heat it to body temperature around 98 degrees farenheit (37 degrees celsius). Disolve the yeast with some of the liquid add the rest of the liquid.
2. Add salt and sugar. Work the flour into the doug - a little at the time - to get smooth consistens. Let the doug rise under a towel to almost twice its size.
3. Split the dough in 5-7 bun-shaped pieces. Stick it with a fork and let it rise under a towel until the dough rises after applying pressure.
4. Bake in 390 degrees farenheit (200 degrees celsius) for 10-15 minutes. brush with water and let kool under a towel.