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10 Commandments for Pony Club Parents
Last updated circa 2000BC


I found these on an American Pony Club website, and showed them to our DC. She asked me to include them here since the situations on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be similar!

Ten Commandments for Pony Club Parents

  1. I shall not criticize the DC unless ready to assume his/her duties.
  2. I shall not complain about anyone unless I have labored more hours for the Pony Club program than they have.
  3. I shall not be a "Grandstand" DC.
  4. I shall remember that the rally is a learning situation and not a "win at all cost" game.
  5. I shall not be critical unless willing to put out the necessary effort to correct my criticism.
  6. I shall set an example for sportsmanship for my child to follow.
  7. I shall remember that all judges, organizers, DC's, and RS's are volunteer workers.
  8. I shall remember that all officers and other personnel must earn a living and cannot work on Pony Club full-time.
  9. I shall offer my services for work whenever possible and will do the job I volunteer to do.
  10. I shall encourage my child to follow the Pony Club pledge and the mission statement.  

"The United States Pony Club, Inc., an organization for youth, provides a program which teaches riding, mounted sports, and the care of horses and ponies, thereby developing responsibility, moral judgement, leadership, and self-confidence."


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