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Residential & Non-Residential Camps 2009
Last updated 29th March 2009

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On the advice of the UK Pony Club the locations of the camps have been deleted as a security measure.
Both locations are secure, and plenty of well-armed (pitchforks!) adults will be available at all times.
Anyway, if you know anything about Pony Club children you would realise that invading St. Trinians would be much safer!

Dates for Camp 2009

Residential Camp will be Fri 21st August - Mon 24th August (New venue)
Mini Camp Tues 11th August - Thurs 13th August

If you want to attend camp contact Gill Murphy or Katrina Vos.

No further details available at present, the info for previous years has been
left below to give you an idea of what is involved.




Tues 8th August - Thurs 10th August Location deleted for security reasons

But venue is the same as residential camp.

Non-residential camp

Under 10 yrs old, but very novice riders welcome to attend.

Click here to see what you need to bring.

Although parents are welcome to stay we realise that, with other committments, this is not always possible. So if your child needs to be led or assisted then please could you make your own arrangements for a competent older rider, or a (fit) adult to help them. But please remember that camp is the ideal opportunity for children to look after their own pony and tack, and that turn-out must be a result of their own efforts. For insurance reasons we discourage the presence of younger, non-riding children at camp, unless they are under the strict supervision of their parents.


  • 9:00am every day. To keep costs down please would children bring a packed lunch and drink in a clearly marked container. Mid-morning snack & tea will be provided.
  • Please collect children daily at 4:00pm (but see arrangements for last day under Parents below)


  • 50. Ponies will be stabled / turned out at night, or taken home daily


  • Mrs Jillie Witcombe (01363 866442)
Wed 26th July - Sun 30th July Location deleted for security reasons Residential Camp

10 yrs and over. But more able younger children may be accepted at the discretion of the secretary.

Click here to see what you need to bring.


  • Arrive between 5pm & 7pm on Wednesday 28th July night - bringing picnic supper.
  • Depart 5:00pm on the final day


  • There are no dormitory facilities.
  • So please bring a weather-proof tent, or provide a caravan, trailer or lorry in which to sleep.
  • Parents: gas bottles and ignition keys must be removed.


  • £95 May be stabled at night or will be turned out
  • £70 if taken home daily


  • Mrs Jillie Witcombe (01363 866442)



  1. You are invited to attend camp on the final day from 2pm. This will be followed by tea and prize-giving. All members are to be collected by 5pm.

  2. On saturday 29th July there will be a family BBQ and entertainment, and in order to cater for this event we will be selling tickets. The cost will cover the BBQ food, but please could each family bring either salad or pudding for the "bring and share" table. Don't forget cutlery, plates, glasses, etc - and of course your own drinks! Only those attending residential camp will be exempt from the need for a ticket.

  3. Can you help at either camp? We need help with overnight supervision, cooking and helping with lunches and evening meals, evening entertainment, etc, etc. Perhaps you have a particular skill you could share, such as demonstrations, achievement badges, picnic ride for younger members, etc.

  4. On the final day please help with tidying up, loading jump trailers, and anything else that needs to be done.

Remember that camp is run by the committee, most of whom have children of their own, and all of whom have jobs. If camp is to continue to happen it needs your help.


What you need to bring to camp (This list is for guidance: please make your own, and remember the good old British weather!)

Hat (PC standard) Hairnet/Hairband for girls
Shirts & PC tie
Sweatshirts: PC / Navy blue or dark colour
Riding Jacket, PC badge
Jodphurs (beige for 1st & last days, can be coloured in between)
Riding boots
Back protector (optional but recommended for non-residential)
Riding gloves
Waterproof coat & leggings
Wellies for yard work
Overalls/change of clothes for yard work & tack cleaning

Residential only:
Sleeping bag, pillow, night clothes, toothbrush, etc
Swimming costume & towel may be useful

Tack (in good, safe condition)
Headcollar and lead rope
Feed bucket/bowl
Utensils for mucking out
Small bucket for tack cleaning
Cleaning cloths, saddle soap, other tack cleaning gear
Grooming kit (including hoof oil)
Exercise/brushing boots if required
Travelling boots/bandages

Hay will be provided at both camps.
If your pony needs hard feed please bring it (feed times should be pre-arranged with the camp organiser)

Bedding will be provided for those stabled at residential camp.

Your pony should be sound, well-shod/trimmed, and wormed before you arrive

  • Make sure that you have everything that you need, and that it has been WELL LABELLED
  • Discuss any problems or worries BEFOREHAND with the camp organiser

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