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Last updated 17th August 2008


This page contains links to the online Pony Club dressage tests available on the main UK Pony Club website.
For non Pony Club tests click here)

Click here for the main Pony Club Dressage test page which gives a brief overview of tests & their history. You can also order the newer tests not yet available online at the Pony Club shop.

Note: all Pony Club dressage tests are copyrighted, so I am unable to make tests not published on their website available for download. If you have entered an event with a test that is not listed below, or on the Pony Club dressage page, or available elsewhere online you will have to contact the event secretary for details.

The following Pony Club dressage tests are available online, see the shop for others.
C Level 1 Dressage Test Eventing Championship Test A 2003 Novice Eventing Test 2006
C Level 2 Dressage Test Eventing Championship Test B 2003 Eventing Test 2005
D Level 1 Dressage Test   Novice Dressage Championship Test 2005
D Level 2 Dressage Test Novice Dressage 2004  
Area Dressage 2004
Dressage to Music Test 2003 Championship Dressage Test 2004  
Dressage to Music Pairs Test 2004

Hint: Make sure you get the name of the test you have to ride correct, as some have quite similar names.

For example "Eventing Test 2005" is not the same as "Novice Eventing Test 2005". The schedule of the event you are entering will give the exact name of the test to be ridden, and if there is any doubt or ambiguity about this contact the organiser well in advance.

It is actually possible to get eliminated in the Dressage phase at a Pony Club horse trials by making 4 errors of course - which rather spoils your whole day! So PLEASE make sure you have learned the RIGHT TEST.

If you are a Tiverton PC member the contact for dressage training, competing, events, etc is Iris Wotton (01398 351221)


Non Pony Club dressage tests.

There are some British Eventing dressage tests available (free) online here (scroll down to the bottom of the page)
I don't know of any other free online source of British Dressage tests (eg Prelim xx, Novice xx) - if you know differently please contact me.

However the following links may help:


(Note that this site's interactive diagrams use the Microsoft-specific VML protocol, and thus only work correctly with Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox you will only see static diagrams.)

This looks really quite interesting. You can download (for a fee) diagrams showing the movements in a range of standard dressage tests as a sequence of animated images. You can also build up a library of your own tests. See http://www.dressagediagrams.org/sample.asp for an example.

http://www.britishdressage.co.uk The website of British dressage. You can order test sheets from them by post using their online order form at http://www.britishdressage.org/Ordertest_form.htm
http://www.horsedata.co.uk/dressage_tests.htm Another way of ordering sheets online.
Or of course you could try http://www.ebay.co.uk