Exmoor Ride Photos

Last updated on 23 September 2002

The Exmoor Ride (organised by Sue Harvey, Heidi French and Alice Lodder) took place on the weekend 11th - 13th August 2002.

16 members took part, plus some brave adults.

We convened on the friday at Mounsey Gate, rode out that afternoon and arrived at our campsite later in the afternoon. This was just below the Tarr Steps tea-room, about 10 yards from the river, in two tents kindly provided by the Boy Scouts. Cooking was on a barbeque, and swimming (well, it was meant to be paddling, but things escalated...) was in the river. Given that it had been raining all day this this speaks volumes about the hardiness of Tiverton PC children!

The longest ride was on the saturday: a round trip with a break for lunch at Landacre bridge (see the photos below). There was a moment of nervousness in the morning when it transpired that the Staghounds were out, and would cross our path, however the two parties didn't meet and an involuntary hunt did not take place. Lunch was spent paddling back and forth across the river (or, if you have your parent well trained, being carried....) with the ponies tied in a line along the fence; followed by a different route home. That night we had story-telling and verbal games round the camp fire, followed by a well-earned bed.

On sunday the final ride was a one-way trip back to Mounsey Gate, where pick-up was early afternoon.


The event was a great success, despite the wet weather, and gave the children a chance to experience Exmoor in a new way. Huge thanks to the organisers (Sue, Heidi and Alice) who went to so much trouble to make it possible, and who worked so hard that weekend. When I last saw Heidi she was muttering about a cross-Exmoor ride this autumn - watch this space....


These pictures were taken on the saturday just upstream of Landacre Bridge. Sorry about the quality: it was a pretty wet and grey day (well, it was a pretty wet and grey weekend if the truth be told, but a hilarious time was had by all.)

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nb: There are also some pictures of swimming at Tarr Steps. I won't embarrass anyone by publishing these online: you know who you are - contact me if you want to see them. I'll try to remember to bring them to the General Meeting.

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