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Last updated June 12th 2005


The UK Pony Club Website


The USA Pony Club Website

Also try http://www.ponyclub.org/Links/links.htm for links to many worldwide Pony Club sites

The British Horse Society

and their page listing clubs in the UK:

http://www.bhs.org.uk/BRC/Links to clubs.htm

I'm not entirely sure what the Euro Pony Club does! Maybe someone could have a look round this site and let me know.

The URL is based in Germany, but the site is in English.

www.hoofprint.co.uk Covers equestrian events in the South West.

This is a more serious site, covering horse trials, eventing, showjumping, dressage and racing at local and national level.
It is a particularly good place to look if you want to find results and reports about competitions.

There are also sections on horses and properties for sale.

Equine Affairs is a UK website set up in light of the increasing need for support and funding in the industry.

It is run by grass roots riders and volunteers from around the country who are dedicated to their sport and without whose help this service could not be provided. Equine Affairs will work together with key organisations and media to contribute towards a positive image for the sport and to support riding enthusiasts world-wide.

Most of all Equine Affairs will promote, what we believe, is the Key to Equestrianism - the providing of FUN for all whilst promoting a safe and high standard of horse riding and care.

Equiweb supports Equine Affairs and provides a link from their site - we offer introductory offers through Equiweb for membership.

Horse-Country.com is an American website well worth a visit for general interest. It claims to be the oldest equestran website (2005 being its 11th year)

http://www.haynet.uk.com/ Is a UK website with advertising, sits vac, and lots of things for sale.
http://www.websouthwest.co.uk/ Is a 75% equestrian website run by Gillian Vincent-Ward for the South West area. She has put a huge amount of work into collecting information about a wide range of relevant subjects. Worth a look.

The specific South West Pony Club Section is a mine of information on the local pony clubs, and the best summary of this information that I am aware of. If you want to contact neighbouring branches look at this.

Promoting the South West Horse Industry

"Currently covering Exmoor, Somerset, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire."

This site has a much more commercial bias, and is probably of more interest if you are running a business. However there is a diary section listing local events, and lots of links to local equine-related businesses.

"I offer a range of horse-themed design T-Shirts which I believe might be of interest to your members.

The shirts are all top-quality, generously-sized, US imports. They are screen-printed on a batik background, using water-based inks for added comfort of wear. Please feel free to check out my site and to put a link within your site, if you feel that this would be of benefit to members/visitors to your site."

The url for the equine section of my site is as follows: http://www.t-shirt-world.co.uk/horses-c-51.html (or click on one of the Tee Shirt pictures to the left.)


Finding other links:

You can find other links for yourself using a search engine, why not try http://www.google.com (easily the best search engine on the web), or http://www.altavista.com or http://www.ask.com ("Ask Jeeves") with the search string "pony club"? Bear in mind that if you search "UK only" sites you will filter out sites do not have a ".uk" in their name, even if their content refers to the UK. For example the "geocities" server on which this site lives is in the USA.

And if you find something you'd like to add to this page why not email me with it? (Tell me what it is, and give the full address)


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