Therapy and care for Horses and Dogs

Last updated on 24th March 2006

The entries below are people whom I have found helpful in looking after my animals. If you are a Tiverton Pony Club member and you want to add someone to this list please contact me.

Inclusion here is at the recommendation of our members, not paid advertising.
It does not imply any "official" endorsement from the Pony Club, but rather the results of our collective experience.


Nikki Routledge PGD BSc (Hons) McTimoney Animal Therapist
Massage and mobilisation treatment for horses, ponies and dogs with neck and/or back pain.

Neck/back pain can be caused by many factors, including ill fitting tack, falls or accidents, or hard workload.

Symptoms include changes of behaviour (such as napping, nipping when tacked up, bucking, reluctance to jump or go forward), or physical signs (such as holding the hindquarters and tail to one side, dipping the back when touched, jumping to one side or difficulty cantering on one rein, stiffness on one side or lameness.)

McTimoney is a highly recommended and thorough treatment which enables your horse, pony or dog to move freely and easily, without pain.

For more information visit www.horsesanddogs.co.uk or call Nikki on 07890 968115 (See also her newsletter)

Nikki's geographical radius of action is all areas in the South West, from Wiltshire down to Cornwall and some parts of Wales.