Konnichiwa minna!  Tiyako here, and if you don't know who I am- well...you're in luck because this is the place you can learn about me! :) I'm the leader of the Knights of Fire, the star of this story, and the one in charge of this page! ^^ I've been swamped trying to get pictures and stuff up, but I'm handling it ok. *organizes a bunch of papers in front of her* Alrighty, first thing on the list...oh yes! All the legal hoopla. Here goes. *clears her throat*

All things within these pages are from the mind of Trista N. Smith- with the help of Tyler H. Mason (unless otherwise specified). The entire story is from the minds of Trista and Tyler, the words to the songs on the sound track are from Trista- but the actual midi's are from Sailor Moon. Pictures, writings, etc. have ALL been made by Trista (and of course, Tyler) unless stated otherwise.

Ok, that's that.  There will be more legal hoopla at the end of each page.  Alright, next thing on the agenda is the description of this page and all that good stuff. Well...This page is based on the wonderful fiction anime-like story, "Knights of Fire", written by Trista N. Smith.  This story has it all!  Fantasy, Heroism, Battle, Magick, Sadness, me...(hehee) you name it and it's there, man!

Side note from Trista: I almost totally gave up on this page, until I was reminded of it by a friend named Ran. A little bit of guilt, on my own part, settled in and I decided I should at least come here and stick up some stuff that's already been done- just not added. So, here I am. :)



  Special thanks to Tyler H. Mason, for all of his help and inspiration in writing
this story, lending ideas, and helping create this page. Luv ya, Ty!!! :D


Sidenote from Trista:
--I would just like to take a minute to point out how much Tyler really does help me.  Without him, this story would be nowhere- if it would even exist.  It's not just the fact that he helps me with the plot, character development, and things like that; but he also gives me the support that I need.  Tyler is and will always be the biggest fan of all of my work.  Simply putting a block at the bottom of the main page which says, "Thanks, Ty!" isn't showing how much he helps out.  There is one way, however....I dedicate this book to my great friend, Tyler Mason, for all of the help he has given me- wether it be by supporting me or helping me with the story itself.  Without him, the Knights of Fire would not exist.  I truly appreciate all of your help, Ty!!!