My name is Anthony Fenech s.j. and I am a Maltese Jesuit priest, member of the Near East (PRO) Province of the Society of Jesus. I am stationed in Upper (South) Egypt, in the City of El Minia. My work is in Social Apostolate and Catechetics.
Postal Address: B.P. 53. Minia 61511
E-Mail address: tiyeff@netscape.net
For further information in general, you can always contact the Jesuit Community nearest to your home.

Please note that these pages are only meant to provide a personal overview of my own apostolic service, and they in no way seek to give a complete picture of all the work done by the Jesuits in Minia, of which I merely tried to give a general idea.
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Gad el SidSocial ApostolateCatechetics

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