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Out Of This Universe Passions

Welcome to The New "Out  Of This Universe Passions!"

11-3-01-My site is officially DONE!!!!! All pages are up and running! 

10-27-01-Home Page Officially Completed! The other pages should be back soon!

Most of you Know me as Tizoog from Turtle-Run. If you have any comments about my site you can email them to tizoog@aol.com or you can sign the guest book. So hope you enjoy my site! 

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Site Originally Created 6-2-01

Last Updated 11-3-01


This site has no contacts with the soap opera Passions. The information I get is my own information. Nothing should be taken off this site without my permission, because it's not nice. If you see any information or photo's on this site that you believe to be yours contact me at the email above and I'll take it off or give you credit for the photo or information, because if I took it I didn't know it was copyrighted. So please don't sue me. So enjoy this site and keep enjoying Passions!













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