This was my first Edsel.  It is a 1959 Ranger four door sedan.  I recently sold it, but I'm already finding myself looking at all the classifieds....it is a disease!

1959 Corsair four door hardtop.

Buy this beauty at www.edselworld.com

A truly stunning Villager wagon.  I would love to use this to haul my band equipment around!

I really love this color combination.  Two door hardtop '59 Rangers
are really good looking cars in my opinion.  I wish thay had made a
version with the Galaxie hardtop from the '59 Ford, that would be a car to sell everything to buy!  Maybe if I ever master PhotoShop I can make one!

Nice two door hardtop from a postcard...are those '59 Mercury wheel covers?

Nice Corsair convertible, I really with they had made a Ranger convertible for 1959!  See the Custom Shop for that convertible Ranger....

Another nice Corsair convertible.

1960, the start of one era and end of another...

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