The Competition

This 1958 Buick Century Limited was Buick's top of the line.  It's a beautiful car, but I would have sprung for the Edsel.  My bank would say, maybe a Vespa....

Sibling rivalry.  The 1958 Ford Skyliner.
Love those retractable hardtops!

1958 Oldsmobile.  If it was sucking a lemon, it still wouldn't look like an Edsel.

1958 Pontiac Bonneville.  With the side spears on the Pontiac, I get confused as to why the Edsel was never called a Pontiac sucking a lemon.

The 1959 Pontiac.  Tough competition.

1960 Buick

The 1960 Mercury Park Lane two door hardtop.

Prototype Edsels and other misc.....

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