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To My Sunshine Opti!!!!
Yo suprise suprise.... this is "the" present i got for u for our aniversary.... :P A page dedicated to us!!! [/me blushes]
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<-- This person to the left is ME!!!         [JasOne / [K]agari]
The person to the left is my BF -->
      [Opti / Arnie]
<-- This is Rakusu
Opti's Fav. Anime Character
         This is Asuran  -->
My Fav. Anime Character
Below is the story of US!!!!
The 3 banners that started it all... [Evil?? :P]
p.s. dun ask me which one i like the best... i still can't make up my mind... all are so KAWAII!!!! :P Like the artist behind it [Opti, not me i just gave him the idea... :P]
So let's just say wat happened after that was History... :P
But anywayz here's something that is a gift between Opti and Me.....
Click to zoom.... :P -->
If u want to find us, please do find us at #GundamSeed on MIRCx
[sever=irc.mircx.com, port=6667]
Opti=Opti-[something] Me= [K]ag-[something] 
(u can private message us tooz... :P)
Hehe, thanx for visiting..... Please Sign the guestbook b4 going...
Arigatou Gonzaimasu... :P