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God opened the sky today
He watched the terrorist blow our people away. He shook His head and shed a tear. Then uttered, "Why is there so much  hatred there?"

He bowed His head and turned away,
Finally hearing the Congress and the Senate pray.
"God Bless America"
With broken hearts they shouted,
Then God said,
" How could you have ever doubted"?

I've been there from the very start.
You turned away, You hardened your heart. You took me out of your government and schools, You are the ones who have been the fool.

Now that your eye's are finally lifted,
Now that your pride  back in country I've given. Hold true  your flag. .... red, white an blue. Keep God in your government, put him back  in the schools.

His hands then raised to show us his scars. These are for you and the people of the Twin Towers.
For those lost in  Washington, Pennsylvania and the planes.
Trust me when I say
None of my children have died in vain."!

I have each one here in my loving and tender care. The ones  who died on the ground and those lost in the air.
No longer will they hurt or be in harms way. They each came home to live with me today.

Shed your tears for the ones that were lost.
Remember your heartbreak, remember the cost.
Then stand proud for God and Your land of the Free.
For you are my children,
And America belongs to me!

Author Of this Poem, is my Mother
Sue A. Rogers

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