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A Tragedy  has Struck America:

As we mourn the deaths of thousands of victims, we need to pray and keep in our hearts the 266 plane passengers, and there families.
The 190 plus Pentagon employees.And there families. And the uncounted victims in New York, And there families, waiting to hear what the future holds for them.

We may never understand why anyone would ever commit such a heinous and violent act.
Not only against the Families of the
United States; But against all mankind and God.
Yes we will all search for a reason why this happened. But we will never be able to understand
why anyone could commit such a crime against our loved ones.

Please join me in a prayer for everyone touched by this
terrorist act.For all those who were killed,
For those who were wounded,
And for all those who lost a loved one

This is a day that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. But lets not let it be in vain.
It's time we put a stop to all violence , Of all kinds.

We have saw enough violence in our schools,
homes and our neighborhoods.

I think it time it all stops,
We feel violated by what has happen on 9/11/01
And yes it was terrible.  But we see it everyday by our own hands. Lets stand up and put an end to all this,  It is time we put God back into our
Families, Community, and Schools.

Our children should feel free to stand up and say the Pledge  of Allegiance to our Flag everyday in school. They should feel free  to sing the (STAR SPANGLED BANNER )
once again. they should feel free to say a
Prayer at lunch or when ever they feel they need to. 
That is what
AMERICA was suppose to be
all about
FREEDOM of choice;
It seems while we have tryed to comply with some
peoples beliefs, We have stolen others freedoms
away from them to do the  things that is so
important to them. If we can't be fair to one,
we shouldn't be fair to anyone.
I say we all stand up to be counted and get
these things back in  our
Homes, Schools, and Lifes.
If someone doesn't belive than they can sit silent
while our children have the chance to express their right to freedom. They  Can stand proud and
show America just how much it means to them.

May God Bless the Victims their Families and All of America:

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