For those of you who have come to this site to learn more about me, let me begin by saying that I appreciate the time you are taking.  As for myself, my parents divorced before I was two, and my mother remarried shortly before my fourth birthday. My stepfather constantly reminded me that I was not his child, and that I would never really achieve anything of value in my life time. The fact that I was hyperactive did little to lessen the chore of raising me. I spent much of my time living with my maternal grandmother who has patience and loved children quite abit.  I was raised typically Wiccan; My family embraced the traditional pathI am the seventh generation to follow the traditional path set down centuries ago by my Ancestors; New Forest England is the birth place of my family line; Various family members escaped during the Witch trials and formed an  Enclave in the wilderness of Michigan which at the time was under the control of  Massachusetts; Secrecy has always been a traditional trait; It has only been recently that I have begun to share my heritage with other wiccans; I tend to shy away from Eclectic Wiccans due to their unwillingness to adhere to  the precepts of traditional Wicca.
My tendency to be an over achiever was established quite early in life. I have always been my own worse critic, and almost always could not please myself, despite the fact that those around me found joy in the fact that not only had I matured at an early age, but that I was willing to please others before myself.    I jokingly remark constantly that I have been prepared for failure all of my life. My only weakness is the fear of success. Despite all which I have achieved in my life time, I still feel there is something much more out there. I am one of those people who hates to shop for myself, thinking that spending money on myself when it could go to a better cause is wrong.    I received my Associates degree two weeks before my high school diploma.   While many of you may ask how was this possible, well, under the Educational  system one could clep High School courses and elect to attend college instead.   Now I did not receive my diploma until I had presented proof of a High School  Diploma.  This of course was merely a formality.  Thinking I needed to explore greater possibilities in life, I dropped my deferment, only to be drafted shortly after. Don't get me wrong, the Army is not a bad situation, but for someone who is of high IQ and hyper, it appeared too slow for my pace.    Despite the fact that popularity was never high on my list, I tend to gather quite a following wherever I go. It does not matter where I am, I throw myself into anything I do. If I cannot do the best job possible, I would rather not waste my time doing it at all.    Reading has always been my escape in life, yet I found it to be the best preparation I could expect in coping with this ever changing world.    I was a father before the age of sixteen, married shortly after, yet unsure of what I wanted out of life. When divorce came along I welcomed it thinking that it would release me from a bad choice in my life. Still when my son, died of leukemia, the greatest part of my life left with him. For any of you whose parents say they will disown you if you are gay, this is not so. There is a bond which starts at birth, and no matter what your children do, you will love them forever. For some parents it takes longer to make the necessary adjustments. But in the end, all of them will come around to loving you as you are.  I like the simple things in life. Money and power have only served to make my life further complicated. With money, you always want more, and when you achieve power, you have to remember that there will always be someone at the bottom ready to knock you off the platform.    In addition, this violates the self gain rule of which all traditional Wiccans  must abide by.  Nothing in life is ever permanent, it can change at any  moment. Appreciate what you have as well as what you achieve. Never think that  you cannot compare with those around you. Each of us has our own unique talent,  we just have to take the time to find out what it is.
There is a central power within each of us. Learning  to tap into that energy and respect it is the ultimate key.  Life is a  series of choices and one must take responsibility for those choices.
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